Wednesday, November 28, 2012


wednesday is now one of my favorite days...
why ?
because i'm in love with yarn along.
this past weekend has been a knitty 4 days with thanksgiving and all.
it is your basic top down yoke sweater.
their are several different patterns on ravelry.

the shawl is one i have been looking at for some time and decided i need to knit this for me.
madalintosh sock weight 

have been trying to get some reading in but i seem very slow.
always something else to do and i have never learned to knit and read.
walk and cast on....even walk and knit but sadly not knit and read.
i have read Lorna Landvik books and she always made me laugh
so am having high hopes for this one.
will be visiting around yarn along after work
looking forward to seeing what is going on in your knitting world.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


yes it is thanksgiving
and in my family that means PIES
lots of PIES

when i was growing up the wednesday before thanksgiving we all would gather in the kitchen and make pies
anywhere from 7 to 10 pies
{ i come from a VERY LARGE family }
this was a favorite tradition in my family and apparently it is in the genes.

caitlin opened a pie business which means----
thanksgiving and we are making pies.
50 last night,
yes a record for me and my aching back.
we were up to our eyeballs in flour and fillings
and it was a great time.
no one cried or had a melt down,
we were grateful to have GIBBS 
{ caitlin is using their kitchen }.
here are a few pics of 
first major pie baking night.

sweet caitlin had to be at the bellevue bean to open this morning too.
good thing she is young ;o)

apple and cherry all locally bought
i hear the produce man is very good to look at.
haven't had the pleasure yet
but their is always the christmas marathon pie baking...

 since the pie thing has been non-stop for over a week,
prepping all last week and 
baking this week
i have had little time to knit or do much of anything.
but walking to GIBBS yesterday i decided it would be a good time to cast on for a baby sweater.

it went well.
amazing what one can do if one really feels the need
to knit.
i was even able to get through nine rows before collapsing in bed last night.

more pies

please everyone have a wonderful safe thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


this little character is on my back porch several times a day and can drive my puppies crazy !
however i must admit that my puppies are not the smartest.
if mr. squirrel is really quiet he can be in that tree for an hour before the dogs will notice him.
i can just see my former dogs [ now all in doggie heaven ] shaking their heads saying: what is wrong with those two dogs, are their ears plugged, eyes blinded and what happen to their smeller ? that squirrel is right on top of them !
this is when i believe my former dogs must enter my puppies minds and scream
" you are a disgrace ! look up, listen and breath in the scent of that squirrel above you".
at this point all heck breaks out..........
for a good ten minutes.
then it is back to snoozing for the pups and the squirrel returns to the tree,
ahh the rhythm of my puppies life's

Saturday, November 17, 2012


oh, my middle child she has entered the adult world.
{ eric and i praised the lord }.
it all happened rather suddenly,
when she returned from teaching in california in august she got a job in a coffee shop..
{ she has spent many hours working in coffee shops-she is just a natural with coffee and people }
i would tease her dad that the english teaching master's degree we were paying for was going to serve her well owning her own business and eric would just frown at me....hehe.
well she didn't open a coffee shop but a pie business.
yes i work for pay is- well i'm her mother.
anyhow, she went out on her own to the bank and got a business account.
{apparently the bank was very excited and ordered some pies , you know to get the cash flowing }.
she delivers her pies around town to other shops where people can pick up their ordered pie.
and if you can't drive or it's your birthday she will deliver it to your kitchen table.
she's just sweet that way and a good business person.
well delivering pies in her small truck with her dog Wendell shot gun was a problem, not enough room and she couldn't put the pies in the bed of the truck.
putting Wendell in the bed- well that is just out of the question.
so only one thing an up and coming business girl can do......
go back to bank and get a loan-a car loan for the pie company.
so now my business girl has her own new-used beautiful Subaru impreza. 
she is a beautiful shiny blue hatch back-plenty of room for pies and Wendell.
i took her to pick up her new baby
and as any mother would counsel her daughter ,i instructed her drive home carefully, don't want an accident on her first day of being a car owner with a loan.
the next day she came to the house to show me her new baby blue in the sun light and tell it's wonders to me and to do 20 loads of laundry--{ ok being an adult is a process }.
we stood in the driveway admiring it all, i looking at the car then my daughter so proud - she was an official adult.
i then told her: use what ever in the house- make yourself comfy my new adult child- i will be back in a minute. she went in the house looking so proud glancing at her new car.
i jumped in my pretty grey Subaru----- i don't know how it  happened.
i must of forgotten that she parked her new car in the driveway.
and before i knew it ...............
her beautiful blue new car with an adult loan is now a blue car with a grey strip down the back passenger door-----ugg.
with my head hug low i went into the house,
and said  caitlin i hit your car. and quickly added:
the good news is i have enough money to fix it !

yes i called the insurance company and mine said they would fix my car but her insurance company
{ who by the way  did not even know about the new blue car yet }
would have to sue my insurance company to fix her car.
caitlin was a mature adult through it all telling me 
it's ok mom it doesn't look that bad.
ugg- i'm going to work now to help her make pies-
i better do a really good job today.

my head continues to hang in shame...........

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


woolly wreath was a fun knit. small and easy to complete with in a week.
and soo cute !
i'm not a big decorator, { i hate to dust } so i kinda go with the amish style,
clean and non clutter, oh and either old, must be useful, and or handmade!
this christmas wreath meets the bill.
you can find the details here on my ravelry page. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Eric Vietnam 1969-1970
Thank you.

Thank you all veterans 

Saturday, November 10, 2012


i'd like you to meet jillian
she has taken up a permanent place in my home.
a matter of fact a very visual spot in the house, one where i need to acknowledge her every time i look up from my knitting or sewing.

i did this because as i age i want to do less and less moving.
i know i have earned it { the resting } i mean.
 i have raised 3 wonderful children, spent over 30+ years working as an RN in the hospital.
cleaned bathrooms, made meals, made beds for over a half century.
isn't it time to rest?

since all the activities i enjoy involve sitting
not to mention i enjoy eating and i really like GOOD beer !
these things that i love to do help little with the joints that are getting stiff or how the body seems to give into that gravity pull thing.
now do not miss understand i have NO desire to look like i'm twenty, thirty or even forty.
i'm on the down side of fifty and have earned every winkle, added chin, and ache and pain.
i bought jillian so i could enjoy my later years.
keep the joints lubricated and the hips informed to do the job they are meant too,
i have never enjoyed excising, when i would run 4-5  times a week  never EVER got that adrenaline rush.
it was always a chore! the thing i did like about running it kept me in a size 10 and at 5'10"
i was happy with that ;o)
so since i am basically a lazy exerciser i bought jillian to walk on an hour a day.
not up to an hour yet
{ i get bored easily }
but we are getting along and use to each other. 
what are you doing to keep from " going under" too soon?
i would love to hear your thoughts on exercising after a half century of breathing.
gotta go walk with jillian now ;o)

Friday, November 9, 2012


the sun seems to be fading more and more each day. 
i know we are in the shortest daylight hours of the year
but even though i love the cooler seasons
i do miss my sunlight ;)
for the first time in years i am also cold...
not complaining mind you, just something that i forgot how it feels.
so i did what i remembered to do in my younger [ i can't get warm days ]
i made soup !
potato soup !
it wasn't great [ a little too much cumin i believe ]
but it wasn't horrid either.
and it was fun to be eating soup again to warm up !
oh memories.....
i have spent the afternoon knitting on my sweater sleeves--
harvest moon
someday i shall complete this project ;)
all the time while knitting i have been fighting the urge to go buy more yarn and or fabric.
i need neither
i mean i really really need neither.
when one has no more room to store a skein nor fat quarter it is time to quit buying or get help!
i always told my husband my fabric and yarn habit were cheaper than therapy....
i'm not so sure about that statement any longer ;o)

and this is how silly sam loves to spend his afternoon...hehe.
yes he is on his back lying on saddie....

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


oh the time i have had with this sweater, harvest moon ! love, love it but i have truly knitted it twice !
I will look back and decide i do not like the way this or that looks and frog back to reknit.
the latest frogging happen because their were little hole formed from the underarm pick up stitches ;(
when i talked with kate { the expert knitter } at my sister knits, she said "oh i always get those, just back sew them with your tail yarn here and close them up". well if kate gets them, then i'm good and will take her advice using my tail yarn.
and i knitted a christmas wreath----more on that later..
reading a good life and love it, very detailed and interesting.
joining with yarn along

as usual i'm running late for work so i'm off 
but can not wait to visit yarn along when i get home .
happy and a safe wednesday to everyone
and one more thing to smile about....
the election is over
no more phone calls
ugly adds
listening to promises they can't keep.
now that is a good day!

Sunday, November 4, 2012


my week end has been one of cleaning up the yard, a little shopping, crocheting and knitting.
very relaxing with just the right amount of completion of projects.
having an extra hour of sleep sure was a good start to sunday, didn't you think?
but oh no, the sun will be setting awful early this afternoon ;0(
i will be making an all american supper---shepherds pie, a favorite in this house!
hoping everyone had a wonderful relaxing week-end.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


wow, its november already ! 
we are headed into the busiest season of the year, why i already saw a christmas commercial...eeks !
i'm going to start early to keep my life sane.
which really means to me- keeping things simple !
i want to enjoy the few days left in fall,
no rushing to the next thing,
no rushing to the next holiday.
one thing for certain
time will keep marching on so why hurry it along.


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