Friday, November 9, 2012


the sun seems to be fading more and more each day. 
i know we are in the shortest daylight hours of the year
but even though i love the cooler seasons
i do miss my sunlight ;)
for the first time in years i am also cold...
not complaining mind you, just something that i forgot how it feels.
so i did what i remembered to do in my younger [ i can't get warm days ]
i made soup !
potato soup !
it wasn't great [ a little too much cumin i believe ]
but it wasn't horrid either.
and it was fun to be eating soup again to warm up !
oh memories.....
i have spent the afternoon knitting on my sweater sleeves--
harvest moon
someday i shall complete this project ;)
all the time while knitting i have been fighting the urge to go buy more yarn and or fabric.
i need neither
i mean i really really need neither.
when one has no more room to store a skein nor fat quarter it is time to quit buying or get help!
i always told my husband my fabric and yarn habit were cheaper than therapy....
i'm not so sure about that statement any longer ;o)

and this is how silly sam loves to spend his afternoon...hehe.
yes he is on his back lying on saddie....


Kyle said...

I'm glad were back to soup season. All that fabric and yarn may not be cheaper than therapy, but it is more fun.

Alica said...

Yumm...potato soup is such a comfort food for me!

I was just thinking this morning how I should start a crocheting project this winter...a few years ago I made a large afghan, and boy did it keep me warm 'til I was finished. Our house is so hard to heat, and I was glad for the weight of it on my lap!

Angie said...

Yum potato soup sounds wonderful. :) I have been missing Sam and Sadie---they look so warm and comfy. :)

Bonnie said...

I'm making butternut squash soup now. It's snowing, (8 inches so far) and I hate that winter is here. Where did fall go? Oh, and I'm with you on the stash. Knitting a sock as the soup bubbles away.


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