Saturday, November 17, 2012


oh, my middle child she has entered the adult world.
{ eric and i praised the lord }.
it all happened rather suddenly,
when she returned from teaching in california in august she got a job in a coffee shop..
{ she has spent many hours working in coffee shops-she is just a natural with coffee and people }
i would tease her dad that the english teaching master's degree we were paying for was going to serve her well owning her own business and eric would just frown at me....hehe.
well she didn't open a coffee shop but a pie business.
yes i work for pay is- well i'm her mother.
anyhow, she went out on her own to the bank and got a business account.
{apparently the bank was very excited and ordered some pies , you know to get the cash flowing }.
she delivers her pies around town to other shops where people can pick up their ordered pie.
and if you can't drive or it's your birthday she will deliver it to your kitchen table.
she's just sweet that way and a good business person.
well delivering pies in her small truck with her dog Wendell shot gun was a problem, not enough room and she couldn't put the pies in the bed of the truck.
putting Wendell in the bed- well that is just out of the question.
so only one thing an up and coming business girl can do......
go back to bank and get a loan-a car loan for the pie company.
so now my business girl has her own new-used beautiful Subaru impreza. 
she is a beautiful shiny blue hatch back-plenty of room for pies and Wendell.
i took her to pick up her new baby
and as any mother would counsel her daughter ,i instructed her drive home carefully, don't want an accident on her first day of being a car owner with a loan.
the next day she came to the house to show me her new baby blue in the sun light and tell it's wonders to me and to do 20 loads of laundry--{ ok being an adult is a process }.
we stood in the driveway admiring it all, i looking at the car then my daughter so proud - she was an official adult.
i then told her: use what ever in the house- make yourself comfy my new adult child- i will be back in a minute. she went in the house looking so proud glancing at her new car.
i jumped in my pretty grey Subaru----- i don't know how it  happened.
i must of forgotten that she parked her new car in the driveway.
and before i knew it ...............
her beautiful blue new car with an adult loan is now a blue car with a grey strip down the back passenger door-----ugg.
with my head hug low i went into the house,
and said  caitlin i hit your car. and quickly added:
the good news is i have enough money to fix it !

yes i called the insurance company and mine said they would fix my car but her insurance company
{ who by the way  did not even know about the new blue car yet }
would have to sue my insurance company to fix her car.
caitlin was a mature adult through it all telling me 
it's ok mom it doesn't look that bad.
ugg- i'm going to work now to help her make pies-
i better do a really good job today.

my head continues to hang in shame...........


Julie said...

Oh Eileen! I feel your pain, I did something similar a few years ago!!

Bonnie said...

Oh Eileen, I'm so sorry. I'm sure you will make it up to her. I wish she was here; I'd order my Thanksgiving pies from her. I'm sure she'll be busy this week. Tell her "Good Luck" from me.

Terrie Sandelin said...


Kristin T said...

Oh no! I'm sure you feel worst than she does. At least now she doesn't have to worry about that first scratch.

Kristin T said...

Oh no! I'm sure you feel worse than she does. At least she doesn't have to worry about getting the first scratch.

Kyle said...

Oh,no. Sorry. I know you must feel awful.

sunny said...

Oh you poor thing. You must feel so awful, but I'm sure it will all work out.


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