Saturday, November 10, 2012


i'd like you to meet jillian
she has taken up a permanent place in my home.
a matter of fact a very visual spot in the house, one where i need to acknowledge her every time i look up from my knitting or sewing.

i did this because as i age i want to do less and less moving.
i know i have earned it { the resting } i mean.
 i have raised 3 wonderful children, spent over 30+ years working as an RN in the hospital.
cleaned bathrooms, made meals, made beds for over a half century.
isn't it time to rest?

since all the activities i enjoy involve sitting
not to mention i enjoy eating and i really like GOOD beer !
these things that i love to do help little with the joints that are getting stiff or how the body seems to give into that gravity pull thing.
now do not miss understand i have NO desire to look like i'm twenty, thirty or even forty.
i'm on the down side of fifty and have earned every winkle, added chin, and ache and pain.
i bought jillian so i could enjoy my later years.
keep the joints lubricated and the hips informed to do the job they are meant too,
i have never enjoyed excising, when i would run 4-5  times a week  never EVER got that adrenaline rush.
it was always a chore! the thing i did like about running it kept me in a size 10 and at 5'10"
i was happy with that ;o)
so since i am basically a lazy exerciser i bought jillian to walk on an hour a day.
not up to an hour yet
{ i get bored easily }
but we are getting along and use to each other. 
what are you doing to keep from " going under" too soon?
i would love to hear your thoughts on exercising after a half century of breathing.
gotta go walk with jillian now ;o)


Terrie Sandelin said...

I wouldn't mind looking like I was forty. It's not going to happen, mind you, but still . . . it's not that I'd mind.

But, like you, I'm really thinking about fitness and aging these days. I loaned my son my car back in August which means that during the weekdays, I'm on my bike. I also joined a gym and I'm doing yoga three days a week. Feels great!

Alica said...

I wish Jillian would come live here! That would be so good for me!

Bonnie said...

I love my tread mill...most of the time.


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