Wednesday, November 7, 2012


oh the time i have had with this sweater, harvest moon ! love, love it but i have truly knitted it twice !
I will look back and decide i do not like the way this or that looks and frog back to reknit.
the latest frogging happen because their were little hole formed from the underarm pick up stitches ;(
when i talked with kate { the expert knitter } at my sister knits, she said "oh i always get those, just back sew them with your tail yarn here and close them up". well if kate gets them, then i'm good and will take her advice using my tail yarn.
and i knitted a christmas wreath----more on that later..
reading a good life and love it, very detailed and interesting.
joining with yarn along

as usual i'm running late for work so i'm off 
but can not wait to visit yarn along when i get home .
happy and a safe wednesday to everyone
and one more thing to smile about....
the election is over
no more phone calls
ugly adds
listening to promises they can't keep.
now that is a good day!


Tracey said...

Your sweater is beautiful! I get those same little holes too and sewing them with the tail yarn is how I fix them, it's good to know I am not alone!
I love the Good Life, it makes me really think about how I live.

Lori ann said...

that is one of the only problems of top down construction (i think), the little hole that needs to be 'frankensteined' at the end!
i am the same as you on wednesday and work, i can't wait to come home and join yarn along! and amen to the election ending!

Anke said...

You knitted a Christmas wreath? Can't wait to see it...

Kim said...

Eileen, thank you so much for leaving a comment! I've been away from my blog for a long time now, but hoping to carve out a little bit of time now that my 19 month old is getting easier with certain things! I've found the time to actually knit, and although it will probably take me a few weeks to knit 16" I am enjoying every minute?

Sweaters are just that way sometimes, every time I knit they come out too big!

It will be beautiful! :) Kim

Kathleen said...

Love the post! The Christmas wreath sounds interesting!

Andria said...

Lovely projects. I do the same thing with the "little holes" thank goodness I'm not alone!!

Debbie said...

Sometimes I knit and re-knit the same thing over and over, too. I get all sorts of weird little mistakes, often don't even know what I have done :/

I would love to see that Christmas wreath!

Elisabeth Andree said...

Your work on the photos look beautiful and promising!


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