Sunday, November 18, 2012


this little character is on my back porch several times a day and can drive my puppies crazy !
however i must admit that my puppies are not the smartest.
if mr. squirrel is really quiet he can be in that tree for an hour before the dogs will notice him.
i can just see my former dogs [ now all in doggie heaven ] shaking their heads saying: what is wrong with those two dogs, are their ears plugged, eyes blinded and what happen to their smeller ? that squirrel is right on top of them !
this is when i believe my former dogs must enter my puppies minds and scream
" you are a disgrace ! look up, listen and breath in the scent of that squirrel above you".
at this point all heck breaks out..........
for a good ten minutes.
then it is back to snoozing for the pups and the squirrel returns to the tree,
ahh the rhythm of my puppies life's

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kerri.warmus said...

I love those photos! We like to watch our two squirrels who entertain us outside of our dining area window. I keep reading on blogs that chickens are fun to watch, so looking forward to adding chickens to our little farm this spring.


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