Tuesday, April 11, 2017

11 April 2017

It's warming up here on the Front Range, windy, but warming. Clothes are going on the line,( nothing calms my soul than seeing clothes on the line), and baby on the grass -thrilled with her sticks. We are outside as much as can be to soak up these tolerable temps and sunshine. I know that soon the temps will rise to high nineties and 100's, totally unsuitable in my book. I must say, I am a cool weather lady. In the heat of summer, I am out only in the wee hours of the morning and I will spend time in the shade on my porch, otherwise I will be found in the basement sewing or knitting.

For the past year my sister and I have been writing to each other at least weekly and often times several letters a week. Letter writing is fast becoming an art of the past. I have found letter writing to be very meditative and soothing. And, who doesn't enjoy a letter? Love it when Eric walks into house, mail in hand, "letter from your sister", it's like manna from heaven. Funny how so many simple things, {clothes on line outside, babies on the grass playing with sticks and letter writing}, bring me such joy.

Happy Spring!!!!!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

6 APRIL 2017

Life  many days, (most days) is a combination of the truly wonderful side of being alive and the bitter side of 'when will I learn' and 'why did I do that?'  Of course the lesson here is to learn from the 'why did I do that' and build up on the 'truly wonderful side of being alive'. To be grateful for the small miracles that happen each day, even the ones that take a little searching to find. Often, I can find many miracles daily with a little 'reframing' of my mind/thinking. I find myself having to reframe a lot of my thinking, (particularly since November of 16). I find myself mentally aware of my breathing and to slow it down, funny how slowing down my breathing-slows down my run away thoughts and my tongue. 
Yesterday, was one of such days. So many things that happened yesterday made for a perfect day, then-then one cruel spontaneous angry word fell from my mouth.... Why does something that lasted less than 10 seconds play such a big part in a day that was 24 hours long? Today, I will again build on the positive, watch for daily miracles, be grateful, while acknowledging the positive in my day and breathing before letting any negative words pass these lips. 


:: Baby B
        :: French Toast
                         :: Walks through the park
                     :: Sewing quilt for BB
                                      :: Using scrap fabric for BB quilt
  :: Reading
:: Family
                                ::  3 minute mediation breaks

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

4 APRIL 2017

Woke up this morning to some very wet snow! For some reason I was really surprised and happy about the moisture. I know parts of the country is getting walloped this spring with snow and as I see pictures on Instagram I am jealous. How we need snow here, just two big spring storms will make such a difference this summer with fire danger and farming/ranching here on the Front Range. 

I have been busy sewing and knitting-and of course playing with my little sunshine BB.
Yesterday, I got a new sewing chair and mat to roll around on in my sewing room. Oh, why have I waited so long to do this, my back feels so much better! No longer will I fall to a lower level on a chair that has no pneummanic pressure, no  longer will I have to move the chair with broken wheels on carpeting. I know, I have been dealing with these issues for years...and why? Truth be told, I am practical, too practical-insist on using things till they literally fall apart. I am married to such a man as well, Eric took the old chair for his fly tying table...LOL. 

I am going to get ready for my day with BB and perhaps get outside on this chilling spring day!

Friday, March 31, 2017

31 MARCH 2017

The past week literally flew by, mainly in the car! We drove over 2000 miles in 6 days!
Our oldest is getting married to the most wonderful lady, truly a match made in heaven!
Eric and I needed to go to Chicago to line up the rehearsal dinner and Nat & Nate found a great restaurant. We had dinner there, then looked at the logistics of the restaurant- Nat booked it the following day. Then it was out to the western suburbs for the wedding shower and to meet Nat's family. The shower was beautiful and the 'in-laws' amazing. I'm just saying: 'a match made in heaven all the way around'. 
To top off an already over the top weekend, our youngest drove to Chicago from Minnesota! So good to see her, my grown up baby! 

Eric drove the entire trip and I knitted, (except those two hours we were locked in dense fog, the kind one can hardly see past the car hood...uhgg). I completed one project and put a big dent in two other knitting projects. Knitting in the car does not feel natural to me but the time sure does fly. 

While I was gone my sweet baby girl grew! She is exiting babyhood and has one foot in toddlerhood.
Taking her first steps on her own, knowing what she wants and more what she does not want. She packed away her soft indoor voice, exchanging it for the all on excited outdoor voice! This little girl keeps a smile on my face!
I'd say it has been a perfect week here at Little House.

The quilt was given to Nat and Nate-they loved it! 
I'm so glad all my kids love the quilts I make for them and are always grateful to be gifted my endless supply.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Happy Wednesday and Yarn Along Day
I finished another quilt and am very pleased with the results! This is my third 2" square quilt that I have done in 12 months. I love being able to use up scraps, ( fabric is getting expensive, yikes), so it's a good thing I have a house full to sew up. Grandpa brought Baby B down to my stuffed sewing room and her eyes flew open and she said; 'WOW', with big smile on her face. I looked at her and said; "baby girl, you can have whatever you want in this room," she gets anything she wants from me. 
Photographing my newly finished quilts has been a joy out in the great outdoors.
Mountains and rivers make the quilts all the more beautiful!
I have not, however, made much progress on my poncho. I love this pattern, it reminds me of a mystery book. I'm learning several new techniques to obtain different textures on this knit. The yarn is Shelter and is lovely to knit with, all that lanolin in the fibers, yum-yum.


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