Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween
I found these guys downtown and  they made me lol.
Glad to see that children today still enjoy 
Sesame Street
The Wizard of Oz

Color all around on my walk through town this morning.
I love dishes and color.
I could buy sets of dishes but I bet I own more than any one women should be able to.
So now I just look 

The train comes through the center of town at least twice a day if not 4 times a day.
I love trains
I like better to be walking than stopped in traffic when the train comes through town.
When I ride my bike to work I try to beat the train at 6 am , [ no I do not go under the gates ]
but when I hear the train whistle
I start pedaling like no women my age should....
Most days I beat the train
and feel like I can conquer world
[ ok not really, maybe just my very small world ]
This train was showing off her colors in town.

I have been working on an applique quilt all weekend
hope to be able to show on the blog soon, very soon.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It's cold here today.
8+ inches of heavy wet snow fell last night and this morning.
Lots of broken tree sad.
 At work today I put my arm out for the infamous Influenza vaccine
and this evening am achy and have a sore arm.
So Country Living and me self  are headed to bed with a dose of Advil.

Monday, October 24, 2011


John and Bridget

I love hearing the stories of the past,
family stories
John and Bridget are my Father's parents.
John was never an American citizen
he jumped ship [ an English ship ] in Boston
around 1890.
John did not plan to jump ship
he was on his way to church 
and ran into an old mate from Ireland, the tavern they went and the ship sailed without John.
John did become a citizen of Chicago and voted in every election there after.
Bridget it is said that she never removed her shoes while crossing the Atlantic.
She married John a couple years after landing on American soil.
Bridget and John had 9 children { my father being the youngest }.
All of Bridget's children entered the world on the living room davenport.
John and Bridget raised their children in Chicago where my Grandparents remain till their deaths.
Neither ever saw Ireland again.

Ellen and Walter
Ellen and Walter were born in the south, in the great state of Missouri.
It is said that Walter is the descendent of the tallest Colonel in the Union Army.
This is how Walter's family arrived in Missouri.
After the war { Civil War }, all Union officers were given land in the South for their service in the Union Army and of course bringing the war to an end, to the Union satisfaction.
So Walter grew up on a farm in Missouri.
My mother has found memories of this farm where she spent many of her summers 
Walter in his youth  { before meeting Ellen } rode the rails.
Yes he was a HOBO
how cool is that.
Ellen [ Nell ] never liked Walter [ Poppa ], 
to tell us grandchildren of his adventures.
but of course we could never get enough of hearing his adventures and looking at his snake lady tattoos on both his arms.
Nell had Poppa wear long sleeve shirts,
though on those really hot humid Chicago days the shirt would come off and we all would be wide eyed in amazement at the tattoo ladies.
I miss these people.
My Father before he died compiled a book for his ten children with documents and stories of these four wonderful people.
What a treasure
better than gold.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


I bought a bunch of old vintage sheets from Good Will a couple of months ago.
My youngest likes all things vintage and thought these would make a wonderful bed quilt.
So I on spent an hour cutting and stacking.

About four hours sewing and
- cooking
- answering the phone
- letting the dogs out
- letting the dogs in
- repeat above a thousand times
{ no kidding ask my middle daughter.
puppies do not know what they want,
in out- in out all day long }

Point being : this quilt was really, really fast !

I love the results.
So very
fresh looking
I will be using a flat vintage sheet for the backing.
Quilting ladies please do not fall to your knees, [ at least till the smelling salts are with in reach ].         
I know sheets are not 100% cotton
[  these aren't ]
but it is all part of the 
use it up
or do with out
and they are so pretty.
This honey will be machined quilted with simple eloquence.
I love 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

CLOUDS, where my head spends a lot of time.

My head seems to spend a lot of time in the clouds.
Now some people might find this a waste of time
but not me.
It is like my own secret garden filled with imagination
and the future.
The sky to me is like the ocean is to other folks.
Calm, blue, white clouds, hypnotizing, and as far as the eye can see.
Then it can be dark, scary and dangerous.
The sky thrills me 
and frightens me 
I often wonder what is beyond the blue and the billowing clouds.


 Fall, who doesn't love this season.
Fall has always been my favorite!
The air feels so refreshing
cool days
cold nights
even a little frost on the trees in the AM
The colors are vivid
awe inspiring
gardens are ready to put up and away
leaves rustling under foot
wind twirling leaves up in the air
smells of the first smoke to rise out of a chimney..
is one of the wonders of the world.
cooking stews and heavier foods
baking with ginger and pumpkin

Fall also brings the waning days to use my clothes line. 
The days are shorter and the sun is lower
 temperatures dropping a few to several degrees a day.
I have fewer hours each day in the fall
to dry clothes out on the line.
Oh how I would love to use this baby all year long.
But then maybe one of the reasons I love this clothes line is that it is seasonal.
A time for everything.

Friday, October 21, 2011


I just love chickens
Am thinking about building me a coop
and getting a couple of birds.
Of course the right lower chicks [ my girls ]
will stay in the house.
Chickens have so much to offer a family
they are fun to watch [much better than any TV show]
oh and lets not forget the
so much better for you than mill eggs that have lost most of their nutrition
not to mention mill eggs have no taste 
But an egg from a family kept chicken
they have the brightest yellow centers..
come in all different shell colors:
packed with nutrition....
and everyday is a surprise as to what you will get.

Meet Hannah [white] and Rowha [brown].
Hannah is 26 years old and is retired
Rowha is about 12 years and full of vim and vinegar.
They both love treats,
 to be talked to,
and petted.
These two just hang around the fence when people are outside.
Imagine the conversations they hear
and the stories they tell about what they heard over the fence in the barn at night.
They must giggle telling stories of those humans that are suppose to be civilized and smarter
Hannah and Rowha watch the chickens and the country side
taking in everything, new and old.
They know every car and truck that goes down their country road.
Count the chickens every morning
and never forget to greet Ames [ the dog ].
These animals live on a small farm
that belongs to my sister and brother in law.
We love to visit 
Taking in the wonderful sights of the country
and listening to quiet
Quiet, out in the country is noticeable
it can be loud
and wonderful.

Found some vintage sheets
so someone special will be getting a vintage quilt
with pillow cases
trimmed in a crochet edging
with cotton thread.
Happy Friday

Monday, October 17, 2011


I have been up since about 0420 this morning so I could get a box of apples I picked from my tree 'put up'
nothing like homemade applesauce
in the winter
apples can be used in so many dishes
pork dishes
sausage dishes
dog food
[ yes, my dogs love apples in their food so they get the leftovers].

The beans are destined for dog food too.
The end of the year beans that were left on the vine too long, now all are picked and cut.
Into the dog food bag that then goes into the freezer for the next batch of home made puppy food.
Nothing gets wasted around here

Since canning takes a loonngg time to get through all the steps
I have a knitting project at hand
A toe up sock
new to me 
and the courage to try from seeing this sock on
Bonnie's blog is one that I visit almost daily.
Love her style 
and her homes.
And yes Bonnie Wendy Knits is wonderful!!
Thank you

It is raining here and a great day to get several projects done.
Lotion Making
Laundry Soap making
and of course a little quilting
not to mention watching some movies...

Hope all have a wonderful MONDAY.

Friday, October 14, 2011


The sewing room is coming along.
I have organized one wall of fabric
and one wall of fibers...
Though their are two more walls to complete.
However, the great news is I have found the carpet, I can see the entire floor of carpet.
It is blue and lovely.

I have been working on a table topper [ this fabric ] for my daughter.
and using the "Cotton Theory". 
Construction is in parts 
Cutting smaller sections
quilting it
then putting the sections together.
It takes a lot of fabric
and a boat load of thread.
I get to use all the fun decorative stitches on my machines { yes machines }.
So yes I have the manual out to see how to use the machine and those 100 plus stitches.
Every new stitch is an inservice.
All the fabric and thread in this table topper gives it a wonderful heavy weight.
I like this.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


After visiting with Brown Betty I stopped in at the Pumpkin Patch. I came home with a Cinderella Pumpkin. 
{sorry no picture today}
I love everything about pumpkins
their different colors: orange, white, green,yellow and red 
their different shapes and sizes
some for show
some for cooking
Lets just say pumpkins are fun .

Sam and Sadie resting with Mr.P.
They are rarely sitting still and together in one place to get a picture.

I promise my next post will have something quilty and wooly to talk about and share.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Meet Annie Angel.
 She keeps watch over my house.
Greets all who enter
Sends her protection to all who leave.
Annie has been on duty for about 5 years now
She is never late
nor misses a day
no matter the weather
Annie is always there
Thanks Annie Angel

I met Brown Betty yesterday 
I was on my way home from the butcher
{ picked up our cow meat for the year }
and there was Brown Betty by the road.
So I stopped 
said hello
took some pictures
Brown Betty didn't have much to say
I was an interruption during her meal.
I said good-bye and hope I will not have her in the back of the car next year.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Welcome Fall
I love Fall
the colors
crisp sunny days
 long walks with the dogs
cool....cold nights
two quilts on the bed
making soups

 Not much of a Halloween girl
Love the small children in CUTE costumes
  dislike all the goolish stuff that seems to dominate the day.
What do you like about the Fall season?

Monday, October 10, 2011


Summer is leaving my part of the country.
I love all the summer flowers, the smell of fresh cut grass,  long days filled with sunlight,
and riding my bike to work in the cool morning air,
but I am not a fan of the heat.
Still I am always sad to see summer fade out. 
I am already planning in my head next years' flower and vegetable garden.
What is your favorite season and what brings you joy in that season?

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I found myself with about 7 days off from the hospital.
My plan was to head for Chicago and hug and kiss the BOY.
He was very busy with no spare time for his MOM
So plan was to find the sewing room.

The above is the emptying of just ONE, 1, UNO cabinet.

Oh how shameful
Though I must admit I found fabric that I was going to go out and BUY
to finish a LOVELY quilt..[ more on that later ].

One bag of WOOL
I have loads of WOOL and yet I seldom sew with it.
I love the look
but always seem to have something ELSE to work on..
WOOL the forever will GET to Project.

Admission #2....I had  several warm HEART felt moments going through all this fabric.
All the FABRIC THERAPY over the years has been successful.
Fabric just makes me HAPPY

During REST times I had my HOOK out.

Working on this
LOVELY blanket.

My HEART just sings 
with loads of 

Mr. P{ otherwise known to me 

will appreciate this WARM 100% WOOL blanket to sleep under this 
{ now I need to figure out where I will be sleeping this winter. for surely I will MELT under such a toasty throw }.
Now I need to get back to the SEWING ROOM
I still have 3 more walls to pull apart and organize.
I am thinking of doing a few give aways.
Oh and I have loads of stuff to get rid of. What do you do with fabric that you no longer love?


Last week-end was all about the WEDDING.
Caitlin, Erika and myself made the grooms cake.
A trailer with pictures of family dogs and family.

Caitlin a brides-maid

The dress


A great blue grass band
Nothing better than a blue grass band , wonderful fall weather and an out door wedding in Colorado.

The wedding party
Where is the Bride and Groom?
Opps, they never stood still long enough to get a picture.
Unless I took out the paid photographer, I chose to be pleasant.


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