Sunday, October 23, 2011


I bought a bunch of old vintage sheets from Good Will a couple of months ago.
My youngest likes all things vintage and thought these would make a wonderful bed quilt.
So I on spent an hour cutting and stacking.

About four hours sewing and
- cooking
- answering the phone
- letting the dogs out
- letting the dogs in
- repeat above a thousand times
{ no kidding ask my middle daughter.
puppies do not know what they want,
in out- in out all day long }

Point being : this quilt was really, really fast !

I love the results.
So very
fresh looking
I will be using a flat vintage sheet for the backing.
Quilting ladies please do not fall to your knees, [ at least till the smelling salts are with in reach ].         
I know sheets are not 100% cotton
[  these aren't ]
but it is all part of the 
use it up
or do with out
and they are so pretty.
This honey will be machined quilted with simple eloquence.
I love 


Kyle said...

I recognize one of those pieces. I had the sheet set when I irst got married. Oh, my. The quilt looks like great fun.

Angie said...

So do I---love simple elegance---and that is going to be such a wonderful quilt to curl up under...


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