Friday, October 21, 2011


I just love chickens
Am thinking about building me a coop
and getting a couple of birds.
Of course the right lower chicks [ my girls ]
will stay in the house.
Chickens have so much to offer a family
they are fun to watch [much better than any TV show]
oh and lets not forget the
so much better for you than mill eggs that have lost most of their nutrition
not to mention mill eggs have no taste 
But an egg from a family kept chicken
they have the brightest yellow centers..
come in all different shell colors:
packed with nutrition....
and everyday is a surprise as to what you will get.

Meet Hannah [white] and Rowha [brown].
Hannah is 26 years old and is retired
Rowha is about 12 years and full of vim and vinegar.
They both love treats,
 to be talked to,
and petted.
These two just hang around the fence when people are outside.
Imagine the conversations they hear
and the stories they tell about what they heard over the fence in the barn at night.
They must giggle telling stories of those humans that are suppose to be civilized and smarter
Hannah and Rowha watch the chickens and the country side
taking in everything, new and old.
They know every car and truck that goes down their country road.
Count the chickens every morning
and never forget to greet Ames [ the dog ].
These animals live on a small farm
that belongs to my sister and brother in law.
We love to visit 
Taking in the wonderful sights of the country
and listening to quiet
Quiet, out in the country is noticeable
it can be loud
and wonderful.

Found some vintage sheets
so someone special will be getting a vintage quilt
with pillow cases
trimmed in a crochet edging
with cotton thread.
Happy Friday


Angie said...

Gorgeous! Would you mind adding me to your list to receive a quilt and pillowcases edged in lace made from those luscious vintage sheets??? ;D

Angie said...

Oh, and I would love to have some chickens too...


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