Monday, October 17, 2011


I have been up since about 0420 this morning so I could get a box of apples I picked from my tree 'put up'
nothing like homemade applesauce
in the winter
apples can be used in so many dishes
pork dishes
sausage dishes
dog food
[ yes, my dogs love apples in their food so they get the leftovers].

The beans are destined for dog food too.
The end of the year beans that were left on the vine too long, now all are picked and cut.
Into the dog food bag that then goes into the freezer for the next batch of home made puppy food.
Nothing gets wasted around here

Since canning takes a loonngg time to get through all the steps
I have a knitting project at hand
A toe up sock
new to me 
and the courage to try from seeing this sock on
Bonnie's blog is one that I visit almost daily.
Love her style 
and her homes.
And yes Bonnie Wendy Knits is wonderful!!
Thank you

It is raining here and a great day to get several projects done.
Lotion Making
Laundry Soap making
and of course a little quilting
not to mention watching some movies...

Hope all have a wonderful MONDAY.


Julie said...

sounds like a good day to stay inside and be productive!

Kyle said...

Homemade applesauce is the best. You continue to get so much done. I just can't get started at 4:20 am :-(


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