Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Meet Annie Angel.
 She keeps watch over my house.
Greets all who enter
Sends her protection to all who leave.
Annie has been on duty for about 5 years now
She is never late
nor misses a day
no matter the weather
Annie is always there
Thanks Annie Angel

I met Brown Betty yesterday 
I was on my way home from the butcher
{ picked up our cow meat for the year }
and there was Brown Betty by the road.
So I stopped 
said hello
took some pictures
Brown Betty didn't have much to say
I was an interruption during her meal.
I said good-bye and hope I will not have her in the back of the car next year.


Kyle said...

I loved your pictures and the new look of your blog.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Me too!



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