Sunday, February 28, 2010


Yesterday I attended a wonderful quilting class taught by Kelly from Juke Box Quilts. Loved this technique, kinda reverse applique and curvy lines. I used Sweatwater fabric which-is very modern for me. Had a great time catching up with Tara and just plain old being with several other quilters. But I forgot to take any pictures, what was I thinking?? We were at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast, Tara made an incredible lunch and I was content beyond measure. But again no pictures to post!

The puppies are wearing their new sweaters I made from old wool socks that no longer fit the big feet in this house.

Cute.. Cute.. Cute.!

Am working on spring crochet bag to put all the yarns I have bought to make my spring Granny Square blanket. Both ideas are from Lucy at Attic 24.

A fun blog I have found is Cathleen's. Love the colors, they make my heart sing and wish for spring.

Caitlin please comment on the puppies.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Sam and Sadie

Can't seem to find Sadie, she is most likely under the rockers chewing on something.
These little babies are so darn cute and TIME CONSUMING! How is it that with babies and puppies we always forget how much time they take and how exhausted we are by the end of the day. Yes I am in bed early as are the puppies! All of us worn out !

Sadie is the runt but she is SO busy. She loves to drag any thing bigger than her across the entire room.

Sam is the lover. He would just assume to curl in my lap all day. No I am not getting much done with these babies and the family room is a mess.
We went to the Vet yesterday and they were a show stopper in their basket. The Vet wanted to lock the front door and play with the puppies all afternoon. Pictures were taken by the Vet.,lots of cuddles and kisses, then shots and a wonderful bill of health given. Back into the basket and home.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yes we have BABIES!!! What was I thinking?
A little girl and a boy
A little boy!
A little girl!

No names yet, any ideas? Leave your comments

Friday, February 12, 2010


Finished baby blanket for friend.

I am up and walking 2 miles a day! My foot on the bottom remains "asleep", hopefully this will go away as the swelling at the surgical site subsides. But overall am feeling really good. My time off has been spent knitting and sewing. Mainly finishing up UFO's and I did start one Bonnie Blue quilt that I believe will be done over Sister's Weekend in March. I have also been doing allot of cooking!! Caitlin you would be so proud of me!

Caitlin has been traveling in western China and the phone /text call came that she said may happen. She texted her sister to say from some remote high altitude place that her bank card was not working and that she needed money, to please contact Dad to fix the problem so she could get on a bus/train to get back to Chinese civilization. When Erin called me to tell me of the text I asked her if she heard a yak in the back ground mooing.
Erin: "What?"
I replied that before Caitlin left on her trip she sent an email informing us if we received a phone call and their was a yak mooing in the background that, that would be her and most likely out of money. I laughed at the time but did say to Eric to expect the phone call. I knew I should of placed a bet on the odds that we would be hearing a mooing yak! Opportunity lost!
All in all Caitlin has returned to ChungDu in good health and excited to start sharing pictures of her amazing adventure, which I will share here in the near future.

I am also taking a quilting class with Kelly Gallagher-Abbott called Funky Checkers. I have not taken a quilt piecing class in ages. This one is all about "freedom piecing". Something faster, freer and still using my favorite scrap quilting style......I am all in! Added bonus Tara is cooking!
We will be quilting and eating at City Park Inn .

Eric's new toy truck. It has individual heated seats which I love!!


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