Wednesday, January 2, 2019


Welcome 2019
It has been a WONDERFUL Christmas season at my house, with all my children home! The week went by WAY to fast with enough business and calmness in the mix. We had a big sleepover on Christmas Eve, a slow Christmas morning with a wonderful breakfast made by Caitlin and Jason, (lots of coffee in the mix as well.)

I completed several knit projects for gifts, along with one sweater, one sweater that I need to rip back and add length(ripping done, knitting up fast), there shawls, one pair of socks, and one pair of fingerless mitts! Whew, feels great! Also, everyone received a handmade quilt! I love that my children love all my knitting and sewing projects. They are really good people!

Reading- Rising out of Hatred  
Very good book, hard to put down and a must read!
The World of Laura Ingalls
I have been a Laura Ingalls fan since third grade before her books were even popular! The World of Laura Ingalls has some great information regarding the Ingalls family.

On to 2019
I have several knitting projects in my head- with the yarn in my stash, (that's impressive to start the new year.) 

My NY hope; to remember to photograph my finish knitting projects ;-{

We all have colds here in Colorado, so I made chicken stock over the weekend and today it is chicken noodle soup. Homemade stock is over the top in taste and nutrition, I doubt I can ever return to store bought again.



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