Wednesday, June 27, 2018



My yard is looking great! Eating lots of greens from the garden!

More hail in the neighborhood.

Pooh visiting the neighborhood.

Sewing, using scraps from last scrap quilt to make another scrap quilt, ( how does that work again)?

Friday, June 15, 2018


We RAN to the mountains this week for two nights and three days! Seems that lots of people had the same idea for the same reason-too HOT in town! We left early on Tuesday morning finding the last two campsites sites side by side for trailers. Caitlin and Jason came up in afternoon with their camper, we brought the kids up with us early. Silly me, brought up knitting, several projects, thinking I would get in several hours of knit time. Well I can tell you, two small children takes all four adults to manage when spending hours and hours outside in nature! Fun we had, the two year old was better than any comedy show, so amazed with all their was to do outside. Petting the fish that Grandpa caught for dinner was a highlight before wrapping said fish being put on the grill. Betty also seasoned our fish for us....lots and lots of oil with salt, (someone took their eyes off her for a second). Trout, steak, potatoes and garden salad was DELISH! 

I finished the Milo vest for Betty, using some yarn dyed by Ginny at Small Things. Love her yarn, such a wonderful experience to knit with. I started one for Gus, (the knit I took camping), and no, I made no real progress on vest.With all the tree knocking on trees to get honey from Pooh Bear for our tea and cakes takes a lot of time! I love watching little ones play with their imagination! 

Oh, how I hope that the weather cools off or my new address will be some where in the mountains till November!

Peace and grab a cool drink.

Sunday, June 10, 2018


It has been crazy hot here this past week! I mean hot where I am either heading up in altitude (mountains) where it's about 10 degrees cooler or hiding out in my sewing room in the basement! 
We found a great little park up the canyon that the littles can play, Eric can fish,and  I can read and knit, if littles nap! And nap they did, so I got about 90 minutes of knitting time listening to the river flow by. Bliss I tell you, pure bliss! 
Saturday and Sunday were spent in my sewing room finishing one quilt top and starting the next scrap quilt top. The quilt top that I finished is a 1" nine patch, yes 1" squares to make the nine patches. I was beginning to wonder if I would still be sewing on this top in my coffin, ( my feather weight machine would fit nicely)! So, so many little pieces, though so-so worth the effort. I have a passion for cutting up fabric, lots of different colors/patterns into small cuts and then 'running it through' my machine. If my back and neck would hold up I think I could do this for 16 hours a day, everyday! After completing the nine patch quilt top I started another scrap quilt. It's a summer sew along by Temecula Quilt Shop. A clue a month is given for a total of three clues. I will see if ; 1) I am patient to wait for all three clues, 2) like their finished quilt and 3) I just put together another scrap quilt as the mood strikes me;-} So many choices and ideas in my head.
May the heat subside and I stop melting.....
Looking forward to next week.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Summer garden is planted and growing now, just as the heat is rising outside. Eric tells me this is forecasted as the hottest week of the summer! Oh, I hope so, not being a person who enjoys high summer temperatures. Thus far we have kept the house cool without the air on, but we have several more days to get through with mid 90's-to high 90's. August is the month that I feel so weighted down with the heat, could be just the accumulation of hot days after hot days. I usually call "uncle" in August and turn on the air before being reduced to a puddle of sweat and tears on the floor. People always say "but Colorado is a dry heat", blazing sun and heat  still feels like I'm being roasted on a stick!

Flowers are coming back after our last hail storm, this makes me smile. I rarely cut flowers from my garden to bring in the house thinking "but then their won't be flowers outside, what will the dog walkers look at?' I'm finding a balance with this habit, it only takes one or two beautiful blooms to brighten up a kitchen. 

Yarn Along News:
Knitting a Milo vest, using a skein from Ginny. I don't remember the name, ( I think I bought this from Ginny in her first batch of naturally dyed yarn sales),  it's a sport weight wool-super wash in a beautiful light peach that is soft, soft, really soft. Ginny's yarns are a delight to knit with that has beautiful stitch definition. My thought is a beautiful simple Milo vest paired with a pair of pants made by Meme, (that's me).

I finished a book! The Keepers of the House. So, so good, the ending being very satisfying!

Go on over to Yarn Along and enjoy some blog hopping  with some amazing knitters who are avid readers with wonderful book recommendations.

PS: We celebrated my baby's 33 birthday! Of course, her baby thought, WOW, Meme made me another cake with candles. Two year olds always make me laugh.


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