Friday, June 15, 2018


We RAN to the mountains this week for two nights and three days! Seems that lots of people had the same idea for the same reason-too HOT in town! We left early on Tuesday morning finding the last two campsites sites side by side for trailers. Caitlin and Jason came up in afternoon with their camper, we brought the kids up with us early. Silly me, brought up knitting, several projects, thinking I would get in several hours of knit time. Well I can tell you, two small children takes all four adults to manage when spending hours and hours outside in nature! Fun we had, the two year old was better than any comedy show, so amazed with all their was to do outside. Petting the fish that Grandpa caught for dinner was a highlight before wrapping said fish being put on the grill. Betty also seasoned our fish for us....lots and lots of oil with salt, (someone took their eyes off her for a second). Trout, steak, potatoes and garden salad was DELISH! 

I finished the Milo vest for Betty, using some yarn dyed by Ginny at Small Things. Love her yarn, such a wonderful experience to knit with. I started one for Gus, (the knit I took camping), and no, I made no real progress on vest.With all the tree knocking on trees to get honey from Pooh Bear for our tea and cakes takes a lot of time! I love watching little ones play with their imagination! 

Oh, how I hope that the weather cools off or my new address will be some where in the mountains till November!

Peace and grab a cool drink.


Alica said...

Sounds like a wonderful time in the mountains! With the forecast we have here for next week, I think we might join you!! Sweet grandbaby!

Mereknits said...

It sounds like a fantastic time.


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