Sunday, June 10, 2018


It has been crazy hot here this past week! I mean hot where I am either heading up in altitude (mountains) where it's about 10 degrees cooler or hiding out in my sewing room in the basement! 
We found a great little park up the canyon that the littles can play, Eric can fish,and  I can read and knit, if littles nap! And nap they did, so I got about 90 minutes of knitting time listening to the river flow by. Bliss I tell you, pure bliss! 
Saturday and Sunday were spent in my sewing room finishing one quilt top and starting the next scrap quilt top. The quilt top that I finished is a 1" nine patch, yes 1" squares to make the nine patches. I was beginning to wonder if I would still be sewing on this top in my coffin, ( my feather weight machine would fit nicely)! So, so many little pieces, though so-so worth the effort. I have a passion for cutting up fabric, lots of different colors/patterns into small cuts and then 'running it through' my machine. If my back and neck would hold up I think I could do this for 16 hours a day, everyday! After completing the nine patch quilt top I started another scrap quilt. It's a summer sew along by Temecula Quilt Shop. A clue a month is given for a total of three clues. I will see if ; 1) I am patient to wait for all three clues, 2) like their finished quilt and 3) I just put together another scrap quilt as the mood strikes me;-} So many choices and ideas in my head.
May the heat subside and I stop melting.....
Looking forward to next week.

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Mereknits said...

Your time by the river sounds like bliss! I hope you can spend many hours there enjoying the beauty around you.


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