Friday, April 30, 2010

Can you believe it? April 29th and we woke up to SNOW, big flakes. The snow was just beginning to stick to the roads. Fun drive for Eric. It was gone by noon but remained cold and windy the rest of the day.
Just finished hand sewing the binding on this little sweetie. One of my nieces will receive this quilt at Christmas
Love the ruching flowers at the top of the Quilt.
I backed it in a small pink and white print. This "Spring -Time" quilt, I quilted on my Bernina 440 EQ machine. Love that machine for quilting!
Have a great Friday evening !

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I love this sweater, it was fun and different to knit. It is knitted all in one piece. Have to love that no seaming but under the sleeves.
I have an antique studded pin I think I will use as a closer on the sweater.
My first Debbie Bliss sweater. Debbie Bliss cotton , very soft and a little too warm. This sweater was fun and mindless to knit. Way to much seaming and weaving in ends because the balls of yarn are only 120 yards or so. I am sorry but I hate buying yarn that comes in balls under 220 yards. Too much adding and weaving in end pieces, and really if buying for sweaters companies should provide the option to buy skeins/balls in larger yards'. This is not rocket science here!
Overall I am happy with this sweater, it was fun too knit.

I have finished another sweater but as it is a gift for my daughter I can not put up on the blog yet.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


My new toy a Nikon 5000 DSLR camera. Love it Love it. Now I just need to learn how to use it and use it well.
Tulips in the front yard. I planted at least 100 bulbs last fall. Some are suppose to be black but have not seen any of those yet.
Sam ( I should of named him Eeyore). He is always nervous about something, from his lunch is late to I can't go on a walk today because I'm sure a truck will run me over.
Saddie, miss easy going and always into something. If I would put her on a rocket ship her only comment would be:
"I'll drive !"


Thursday, April 22, 2010


April is the time of year that the businesses of the county I live in have a little competition with each other. And the FOOD BANK is the recipient. Yes, it is the yearly food drive!

I work for the hospital in town that competes in this Food Drive. I also happen to work in the OR of said hospital that takes competition to a level that shall we say borders on an illness. We believe that endeavors should be done right, perfect, and our way, the only way. That means we will go over the top and WIN the Food Drive competition. Now the sickness of this competition is that no one else in the hospital knows we are competing with them. This is the brilliance of the steering committee in the OR. It keeps the competitive hormones at a frenzy level in the OR that is beneficial for the Food Bank. Imagine the baking hormonal frenzy on the level of the Elk Bugling season. That’s us, get the picture. You ask "what about those that aren't bakers"? When hired in the OR one of the job requirements is the ability to BAKE. If one’s baking skills are in need then it is strongly advised to sign up for some classes. It is always best to be hired in May so one can fine-tune these necessary OR skills.

Friday April 23 is the annual Bake Sale in the OR. We have a great turn out and raise an amazing amount of money for the Food Bank.

Being on the steering team I made a mistake this year that could of put my job on the line. I have reduced my hours to part-time (my boss has renamed me “the bitch”), and scheduled myself off for 6 days. The bake sale fell with-in this six-day holiday, and I was hoping no one would notice. BIG, big mistake!!!! Today, day one of my holiday I am at home baking 12 loafs of bread for tomorrow. Yes, I am happily grinding local wheat, dancing to Peace Train, Home, and a whole lot of Feist. I have my apron on and am barefoot in the kitchen with a smile on my face secure in my baking abilities and job. It is great to be Alive and working in the OR!!!!!

The first batch resting

Six loaves out of the oven

12 loaves done, I'm tired. The most I have ever made in one day.

Bagged, labeled and ready for sale.

Let the games begin.

My puppies have spent allot of time by themselves and have done nothing but get into trouble. Better go get after them now.

Monday, April 19, 2010


I bought this box of yarns last year with the hope of making a beautiful Grandmother's square blanket. I want it to look like an Attic 24 blanket. Love her colors! I am sure this will be a project that will take me a loooong time to finish. First I need to learn to crochet with out feeling like I have 2 left hands. Practice, practice, not to mention patience, patience.

Some of my favorite flowers.
Hydrangeas , oh how I long for several of you in my yard.
Since I can't grow these in Colorado I spent my morning cutting back roses. Several of my rose's will be dug up this year with new plants planted as replacements. I have climbing roses that have been in the ground for greater than 15 years and are not putting on the flowers as they should. They are however putting on fat woody stems with BIG thorns that have become painful and an eye sore. So out they go and in with the new. Pictures to post when project done.
Sure hope your garden is blooming.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Spring flowers are blooming
When I see these in bloom I know that Spring is here.
Daffodils...a favorite.
And soon we will be off in our camper.
We have several trips planned for the Rockies and Yellow Stone.
Why travel out of the country when their are so many beautiful, peaceful places to see here
in the United States!
Yes Caitlin this is our retirement vehicle. No more sitting out in the rain, waking up with stiff joints after sleeping on the cold ground.
And yes it means we the owners are getting old!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Flowers for Ellen and Dan

Strawberry cake from Whole Foods

Puppies wondering what is beyond the gate

But most of all missing my kids this Easter spring day.


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