Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This guy is turning out so CUTE.
Need to finish more details....
{ eyes, nose etc.....}
Gotta love the whiskers !!!!
Name forth coming.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Have a safe and respectful day.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


It's a Holiday week-end and we have been observing it with due respect.
We have been remembering by watching the best war films made...
The Longest Day
all the while


 making the most technical cake I have ever tried.

I have never made such a cake.
The batter was like cream

Three pans of cake

Lemon curd and Italian cheese

Layered and layered again

A whipped cream, cream cheese, Italian cheese white frosting

with lemon curd between the layers

And the Grand Finale
{ you can find the recipe here}
We will be trying this tonight and then bringing half to my sister's for a smoked turkey dinner on Memorial Day.

What have you been up to?

Friday, May 27, 2011


I have been working on something

Something fun

Something that my son and I are doing

Nope I can not show it all yet but soon.
I think it will be SEW cute !!!
And it is fun !!!
I will keep everyone updated with our progress.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Summer is trying to break out here in Colorado.
Looking up at these white clouds I day dream of summer potential.
Places to visit, people to see and quilts to be made, the potential is endless.

This week-end is Memorial Week-end and time to remember those who have given everything for American Freedom. 
{ see Eric in the wall. Some of these names on the wall are people Eric served with in Viet Nam. I am GRATEFUL that Eric came home and came home healthy}!

Iris just starting to bloom this year, we seem to be behind on flowers blooming.

I think we are going to go and see Big George again this summer.

We will be traveling in this. 

Since we have been having so much rain, I have been making jam! Getting inside jobs done while the opportunity is present.

What are your summer plans? The possibilities are endless !

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I own a few sewing machines, {OK nine in all }, I have a thing for sewing machines. Now I gave one to each of my daughters for their own use, [ but they seem to find their way back to me ] the girls not being settled yet and yes they too have made several quilts on those machines.

Sew, when my work horse needs to go to the spa for an oil and cleaning I am not in short supply for a machine. 

The thing is I get so use to sewing on one machine I need to think and slow down when using a different one.

These Feather Weights are very different than my Bernina's 
No knee lift for instance.

But I am not complaining, but GRATEFUL that I have some machines in reserve for those days a machine need a spa day.

Working madly on the Red and White Quilt

Sewing all the 3 inch units together

I love scrap quilts

Running fabric through a machine 

is very relaxing to me

I run units through in long chains

Iron the units and then cross cut those and run them through again in long chains till I have the square completed.

Caitlin and I had both Feather Weights out working on two different Red and White Quilts.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Graduation weekends are always busy and fun, this past weekend was true to the celebration.
My nephew graduated from high school and it was celebrated with a BIG brunch party post the ceremony.
I had the duty of the cake !

I do not know why but I really like to make cakes.

This one had 4 pounds of cream cheese and 1 pound of butter in the frosting alone. Oh, it was sooo GOOD!!! 


Flowers like this my sister had all over her yard. It was beautiful.

These are the chicken { rooster} dishes I was telling you about in the Girls Night Out post

I went on e-bay and found I could buy replacement pieces to complete the set. I also found out this pattern was made in California in 1956.
Last week was packed with a lot of sewing, work, classes and parties. Had a great time but glad it is Monday. I'm ready for a rest.
Caitlin and I are going to start a wedding quilt this afternoon.
I love to sew with my girls, coffee, conversation and laughs. Life doesn't get any better!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Last evening the girls and I had a GIRLS NIGHT out/in  here at my home. I cooked and baked all new recipe's and oh was it fun and tasty ! This is huge for me because I am not a cook, but I am a baker. I decided I would make the entire dinner, food I have never made before. 
We started out with:
chili rellenos
Marcela sliders with mushrooms and bacon
roasted carrots and sweet potatoes
and finally the richest Carrot cake I have ever lasted [ I sent this home with the girls ].
Table cloth on table and dishes from Betty, wine glasses from my Mom so we had 3 generations of women here in the kitchen.
The girls noticed and were pleased with all the fun things on the table.
I think this is something we will do more often. 
Today I am grateful for my girls and the wonderful relationship we have together.
[ Sorry iphoto will not let me pull up the photos uggg].

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Last night I took a class at My Sister Knits. No we did not use yarn but fabric and made Aunt Philly's rugs. 

I have tried to make these rugs before and did not really enjoy them. But now that I know Aunt Philly's tricks they are fun and exciting!

And Lord knows I have some fabric to make a lot of nice rugs.
Bring Christmas on !!!!!!!

Tonight is "Girls Night Out", my girls and I are getting together for an evening of good food and laughs. I'm cooking tonight and of course had to do dessert first. This is the RICHEST Carrot Cake I have ever made. The recipe is from Annie Eats.

I am a little disappointed, the cakes fell in the middle. Next time I think I will use some baking powder [ Annie did not], and try only 2 cake pans instead of 3. The frosting has 4 bars of cream cheese [ call the heart team before eating a slice ], I used 3 and that seemed more than enough.

I am also working on a Red & White quilt, three quilts truth be told. 

I LOVE strip piecing. "Just run that fabric through" ! 

Her comes the RAIN today, glad I just finished planting roses !!


I am GRATEFUL and proud to be an American citizen

Love visiting historical sites

that remind me of just how wonderful  of a country I live in.
If you have never been to Washington DC it is a must for all Americans.


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