Monday, May 23, 2011


Graduation weekends are always busy and fun, this past weekend was true to the celebration.
My nephew graduated from high school and it was celebrated with a BIG brunch party post the ceremony.
I had the duty of the cake !

I do not know why but I really like to make cakes.

This one had 4 pounds of cream cheese and 1 pound of butter in the frosting alone. Oh, it was sooo GOOD!!! 


Flowers like this my sister had all over her yard. It was beautiful.

These are the chicken { rooster} dishes I was telling you about in the Girls Night Out post

I went on e-bay and found I could buy replacement pieces to complete the set. I also found out this pattern was made in California in 1956.
Last week was packed with a lot of sewing, work, classes and parties. Had a great time but glad it is Monday. I'm ready for a rest.
Caitlin and I are going to start a wedding quilt this afternoon.
I love to sew with my girls, coffee, conversation and laughs. Life doesn't get any better!


Creations by Dina said...

I love your dishes. My kitchen is decorated with those red, yellow, and green roosters!!! They would fit nicely in my kitchen!!!

Kyle said...

Your weekend sounded like fun. It's great to have an extra special reason for getting out our favorite dishes and things. Your cake looks great. Do you adjust for altitude? I never use to but for the last couple of years I have and it sure has made a difference. No more cakes collapsing.


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