Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I own a few sewing machines, {OK nine in all }, I have a thing for sewing machines. Now I gave one to each of my daughters for their own use, [ but they seem to find their way back to me ] the girls not being settled yet and yes they too have made several quilts on those machines.

Sew, when my work horse needs to go to the spa for an oil and cleaning I am not in short supply for a machine. 

The thing is I get so use to sewing on one machine I need to think and slow down when using a different one.

These Feather Weights are very different than my Bernina's 
No knee lift for instance.

But I am not complaining, but GRATEFUL that I have some machines in reserve for those days a machine need a spa day.

Working madly on the Red and White Quilt

Sewing all the 3 inch units together

I love scrap quilts

Running fabric through a machine 

is very relaxing to me

I run units through in long chains

Iron the units and then cross cut those and run them through again in long chains till I have the square completed.

Caitlin and I had both Feather Weights out working on two different Red and White Quilts.


Julie said...

I love my featherweight as a backup. Can't wait to see your r/w quilt.

Creations by Dina said...

My mom has a collection of sewing machines too. She used to work for a sewing company from home so she bought an industrial sewing machine and an indestrial serger. I still go back and use those machines for heavy duty sewing. She also has 2 embroidery machine which I love to use. I make all kinds of stuff for my boys with animals embroidered on them and many things for gifts. It is nice that she has all these machines. I don't have space at my house for them although I know someday I will inherit all of them.


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