Monday, October 10, 2011


Summer is leaving my part of the country.
I love all the summer flowers, the smell of fresh cut grass,  long days filled with sunlight,
and riding my bike to work in the cool morning air,
but I am not a fan of the heat.
Still I am always sad to see summer fade out. 
I am already planning in my head next years' flower and vegetable garden.
What is your favorite season and what brings you joy in that season?


Julie said...

I like the spring and the first of the summer when it is about 80 degrees. I can tolerate the heat, but I don't like being cold!!
I went ahead and went up to Estes Friday, I was a little disappointed in the lack of colors, hardly any oranges and no reds and no elk.

Angie said...

Love your flowers! Is the first picture of a lavendar blossom? I just stumbled across what I think is in the lavendar family and the bloom looks like that; however, rather than spikey leaves like all of my lavendar it has a leaf that is shaped a lot like cooking sage. Hmmm. Girl, I want to come and play in your wool and fabrics with you!!! When would be a good time? ;D


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