Friday, July 31, 2015


Last evening Caitlin and Jason had a BBQ Birthday Party for Erin, she turned 26. It was a lovely evening, people stopping by, lots of good food and cold beer, with piƱata x2 cracking, cribbage with Dad- (Caitlin loosing to her Dad again, someday Caitlin, someday. You knew you were in trouble when he took off his tie), country views, cows , old out building picture taking and lots of pictures.
Seems like yesterday that my children were babies!
And so how very proud I am in the adults they have grown into being.  
My three children have been the greatest gift in my life…. loved every stage that my kids passed through. Sure some weren’t as fun as others, but sometimes one has to figure out what doesn’t work
to know what does work. We all have gone through those growing pains!
But my three, the amazing people they have grown into….Erin- a nurse to be, Caitlin-small business owner, Nathan-wood working artist, this Mom’s heart is busting and over flowing with gratitude and love! 


Kyle said...

What a great picture of allf you together and with you and your girls!

Alica said...

What a wonderful family! Good to see you are doing well. We're sending our oldest to college in a few the midst of that "figuring it all out" stage. It's good to see that others have gone before and not only survived but are thriving! :)


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