Tuesday, August 4, 2015


It has been a packed four days! We started the weekend with the County Fair! It has been years, I say years since I have been to the Fair-I believe  perhaps 25 years! Eric and I spent our date night eating fair food, (something you don’t want but once a year or once every 25 years). The show was great, all the animals  - but the draft horses were outstanding! Man are those animals HUGE! The chickens of course are a favorite of mine, they are so funny to watch, and yes I would love to have a flock in my yard.
Saturday, we entertained some friends from Wyoming. We entertain very rarely anymore - I hate to clean house - ugh……. And yet we should entertain often so I would clean house, it seems to be my motivator, and I love a clean house!

Next we were off to southwest Colorado - Gunnison to be sure. I have never been there and the drive was well worth it. 4 hours of wonderful serenery and knitting, can’t go wrong with that combo, can we? South Park was amazing! Not a fan of Monarch Pass though, I'm terrified of heights and driving over that Pass - twisting and turning on the outside ledge - well, lets just say I was almost in tears.
Eric and I decided not a good place for us to retire too, I would never go anywhere due to the Pass.

Knitting wise, I continue to work on the Fair Isle dress, am tearing back several rows, I want it a wee bit roomier under the arms…ahem. The Fair Isle skirt I made for Caitlin -  needs to be redone, and I continue to work on Elizabeth Zimmerman pi shawl.

The calendar turned another month and something about August that the days are HOT and the evenings cool and crisp. Oh Fall is just around the corner. Many, many gold leaves are on the trees, another sure sign that the cool lazy days of Fall are on the horizon.

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