Friday, August 14, 2015


My garden has that “late August “ look and feel. You know what I mean, plants putting on that long spindly look, going from the rich green coloring to the pale green-yellow coloring. Veggies and flowers all have that dry,  thirsty look and feel, no matter how much watering they receive. 
Tomatoes, oh those tomatoes, 2015 is not their year at Little House Quilting homestead. Only two plants have produced fruit out seven plants , planted…yikes! Worse year to date for this gardner and her tomato plants. Truth be told, it’s been a difficult gardening year all around; for both veggies and flowers. But, the most wonderful aspect about grading; HOPE, hope is eternal, hope for the next garden to be planted. Thoughts of: I will be more attentive to my garden, plan the lay out better, amend the soil properly, buy seeds suitable for Colorado climate, and……….
Oh, and yes, that is my curb. The city has decided to fix sidewalks with tiny cracks in them? I can’t figure it out, with all the pot holes in the streets, why, oh why, are they tearing up my driveway and sidewalks? I’m sounding really old, complaining about how my tax dollars are being spent, even noticing how they are being spent!

Besides watching the garden, I am gathering spinning items. Late summer early fall is the time of year I get that spinning itch. I never spin enough for a big project,  like a sweater, but certainly enough for a cowl or shawl. Just enough to be satisfied with spinning,  and then completing the steps through a knitted  small project.

What are you working on?
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Kyle said...

Hope your garden is better next year. My tomatoes are looking great, but just noticed today something is enjoying them before I get to. Oh, bother!


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