Friday, August 7, 2015


The garden this season is poorly attended too. I will water, but, if not for Eric it would be niether weeded nor picked.  It seems that I can’t get the mojo to put it up for winter; glad I planted small this year-a third of the size years past. 
The dogs are enjoying the apples as are the squirrels! Sam and Sadie insist on bringing all fallen apples into the house.  Apparently, Sam is part squirrel and putting up his own supply for his winter enjoyment. One can never be sure when the apocalypse is going to happen.
Even the flowers appear to be wild this year. Well, perhaps next year when I have more time, I will be a better gardner. My big plan is to grow at least a third of our winter needs- hope is eternal!
Hope your garden is fairing well this summer of 2015.
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susan said...

Living in a townhome, Im limited to my deck and tiny courtyard for gardening. Lots of herbs and some pots of flowers that are getting rather leggy looking. I think today might just be the day for an outside clean-up - I can already see signs of autumn and I'm not quite ready to let summer go. I love your puppies!

Anonymous said...

Oh, well, next summer is another chance. Enjoy the local farmers market instead. Your photo of the watering cans in a pile, says it all.

Bonnie said...

So funny Eileen. We actually have a squirrel that keeps putting the neighbors walnuts in our fence lattice. My garden is a mess as well. Ive written it off this year.


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