Friday, July 24, 2015


doing a lot of this that and the other.
 knitting on the fair isle dress and pi shawl
finishing up the quilting for a gift
freezing some kale
making beef pot pie filling to freeze
2 quarts yogurt
and if i get up enough nerve- i may try to make some motzerella cheese ;-/
i seem to have an abundance of whole milk.
the yarn above has been wound for some chair pads that i really need to get going on.
so much to do, august will be the month that i will set aside to start on Christmas gifts.  i need to get organized, which can be difficult for me because by the time i finish organizing i’m exhausted. though i love to work in an organized home, i tend to stay better focused and not jump from project to project. 
time, time is always the big factor. 
ok-i’m off to look up “how to” make motzerrela cheese. my daughter has done this before, perhaps if i bring her the milk she will do the work?

the open range in northern colorado, seeing cattle out there-my heart soars. open range and cattle reminds me of all my thoughts and ideas of what the west was all about when i was a child. open, semi-tamed but where one could see horizon to horizon. it's pure freedom , chest busting feeling to this lady!
and those clouds, oh, their is something so much bigger than me. i stand out on the range with arms out- overcome with awe, what an amazing world, and what a speck i am standing out on the range, just me, cattle, open range, blue sky and puffy clouds…...

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Kyle said...

If you can figure out the time thing, let me know! Love your photos.


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