Tuesday, July 14, 2015


It’s been a quiet summer thus far and believe me you, I love it that way. I no longer have to be busy with outside activities and friends. I prefer quiet semi solitude, working slowly on several different hand projects, talking to my dogs and husband (when he gets home). 
My garden has been a semi-total flop this summer-a mixture of too much rain and then hot hot days. I have given up! I would not make a good early american settler, would of starved to death with my garden attitude this year. But, the only thing thriving in the garden this season is weeds! We went and bought straw to help keep the weeds down and to help the cracked hard soil…like I said it has been a tough season in the garden.
Have a Birthday coming at the end of the month…my baby will be turning 26-say it aint so!  Have been working on several hand made items for her, ( hope I can accomplish all on my list)! 
Listening to the Civil War by Ken Burns
and oh my is all I can say. 
Have a slow peaceful day-I will.
PS: The grand dog is coming today for a stay-cation with us. Something to mix it up, we love Wendell.

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karen said...

happy birthday to your son! I love your quilt and a peek at your summer days :)


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