Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I know I am getting old when every January 1-I ask myself "where did the year go"?
But time waits for no one and just continues to march on.
I do hope to get LOTS of sewing/knitting done this year and of course the usual New Year resolutions of eating better, moving more, acquiring get the idea.

I finished last weekend my Aunt Phillie rug , which has been in the making for maybe 2 years.
Now this is a New Year's resolution I would love to accomplish----getting all my UFO's completed. Oh that would be soooo WONDERFUL.
I also finished the Tumbler reproduction quilt. I put another black border on that is not in the photos

The picture of the guy and the dog, I have no idea who they are....hehe
We were in this establishment that has the BEST Chicago hotdogs ( here in northern Colorado )
and this dog was sitting at the bar! Made me laugh and I had to get a picture of him. The guy kinda just jumped in the pic. It all made me smile.

Smile more yes, now that's a great NY resolution.

Have a wonderful day and hope you continue to work on your NY resolutions in 2 weeks time!


Alica said...

I love the rug! Happy New Year Eileen!

Terrie Sandelin said...

How fun to see your tumbler quilt top made up! I so enjoyed our afternoon together when you were cutting out all those patches. It looks beautiful!

karen said...

Happy new year and I'm getting old too because where did that year go?!?!

Kyle said...

Love your rug. That used quite a bit of fabric!


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