Saturday, April 7, 2012


this past week has been a busy active week for me. i returned to work and did a full 3 shifts in the OR.
everything went well, my back and leg were in minimal pain but then again being on a rather large dose of steroids helps. actually i have enjoyed this regime of steroids, eric says i have not shut up since the first pill was taken, i think he is looking forward to monday when i am done with this oral steroid round.
the only side effect i have noticed and everyone who knows me is i look like i am seven months pregnant with chipmunk cheeks and ankles that remind me of my aunt pat.[ she always had swollen ankles...why? no idea ].

but since feeling good i have been getting out in the sunshine.
over at My Sister Knits, julie had a demo on how to plant flower pots ! 
how great is that ! her gardens are beautiful and a very comfortable serene place to sit and knit.
i had the opportunity to meet several interesting ladies.
knitters are soo pleasant and wonderful to talk to.

this chicken watches over her yard.

these tulips are in my yard, the spring garden is beginning to look alive.

i have become obsessed with crochet...why?
i find it mindless and soothing.

i learned to make " bobbles" and find this stitch to be so rewarding.
i think i am just in the mode of enjoying very simple things,
things i can do with my hands while keeping an eye on spring 
breaking through the ground !

i am not a pastel color way person but can't seem to get enough of these colors!!
[ maybe it is all the medications i am on..hehe ]
wishing all a wonderful peaceful EASTER.
take time to enjoy watching spring 
i think you will be amazed!


Alica said...

I glad to hear you're mending well! HAPPY EASTER!

Julie said...

Thanks for showing us your "bobbles", now we know!! Happy Easter!

Bonnie said...

I'm so glad to hear you're back to OR work, Eileen. That's progress, right?

What a cheery little quilt. I need lessons from you on how to finish projects.


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