Friday, April 13, 2012


my daughter caitlin has been telling me for months that she and some of her girl friends would like to learn how to sew....
really !  i say, well i can teach you and your friends how to sew !
i even have all the fabric and patterns [ hard to imagine i know ] to get everyone started.
so last evening at 5:30pm we started....
first with basics on how a sewing machine works and what it needs to purr'
lint cleaning
 threading a machine correctly
and never, never throw away the manual !

we talked about patterns:
how to read them
lay out
lay out fabric
cutting out.

four hours later
each girl knew how to:
thread their machine
basic pattern reading and cutting
the magic of the iron
and drum roll......
the completed pair of pajama bottoms,
using vintage sheets found  at Good Will.
not bad for beginners !
and we ate pizza too.
in 2 weeks we will be making aprons :-)

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Jean Belle said...

What fun! Nice work gals.

Kat said...

How fun!! My daughter (she is 8) also wanted to learn to sew. I bought her a basic machine but made her spend hours threading the needle, changing out bobbins and sewing straight lines first. Her first project was a small doll-size quilt (made with 5" squares). I love when the younger ones take an interest and do so well. I wish I had started at an earlier age. Congrats to all the girls, and to you for teaching them so well!

Bonnie said...

What a fun night. There is nothing better you can teach them. You know the saying about teaching a man to fish.......Great gift.

Kyle said...

What a wonderful evening for all of you. Great jammies!

sue said...

Hooray! I love when the next generation of quilters/sewists get started. A gold star for you for being there for them and getting them started! I love your teaching plan.

Julie said...

sounds like great fun was had by all!

Jennie said...

I need to have my old machine serviced and then I can pass it down to my daughter. Good thinking, having them learn about the machine first. Cleaning and threading are super important!

And the jammies are awesome!

Liz said...

No better feeling than encouraging others with a craft we love.

Fiona said...

Fantastic!! It's great that you're supporting them in learning a new hobby / skill. I'm sure the girls were very proud of their new PJ bottoms.

Nicole said...

So nice to pass on the gift of sewing! Looks like you were a pretty good teacher! The pajamas look great.


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