Monday, February 20, 2017


 We have been walking around here, so much so, that I had to buy a new pair of shoes just for walking! Last week, we walked 18+ miles in 4 days! Where did we walk? Baby B and I walked-well all over, to Julie's [ MSK], Whole Foods for lunch and DQ for dessert, back to  Julie's and then just 'around' the hood. Mr. P joined us on the WF/DQ day, he loves DQ blizzards.
I have been knitting, everyday, and hours a day. Finished a pair of socks for my youngest, knitted an infant sweater and one of the socks for a special baby due in April, and picked up Eric's sock that I started months ago. Baby B also likes to help me with the piecing of a quilt I have slowly been putting together. This quilt though needs to be completed by the 20th of March, it has a date with a beautiful couple in Chicago.
The weather here on the Front Range continues to be unseasonably warm for February . I read  the 10 day weather report that maybe, just maybe, we will get some snow at the end of this week and beginning of next. Darn, I wish I could find my Farmers Almanac. I usually rely on this, it has rarely been wrong and if so not by much.
Happy Monday
It's been a cleaning house, grocery kind of day. 
Now though, it sewing time!

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Alica said...

What a beautiful grand baby you have! :) It's been really spring-like here too. My early daffodils are pushing buds! Just talked to Aunt Alice this morning and she said how nice it's been there. My mom had a pacemaker put in this morning...all went well and she's already feeling better!


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