Wednesday, February 15, 2017


KNITTING: I am almost done with the second stripy sock for my Minnesota girl. Living up North, hand knit wool socks are essential for keeping those toes warm, both inside and outside! 
[sock pattern is just a vanilla sock, yarn was bought at the Yarnery in Minneapolis.]
WALKING:The Front Range in Colorado has been experiencing rather warm Temps. of late! Baby B and I are out walking as often as we can. I pack our stroller with treats, fluids, diapers and quilts{ for the wind that has been blowing none stop out of the North}. Yesterday we walked a total of 6 miles!! That is a new record for us. B will usually nap for about 30-45 minutes during our walk but then is up pointing at everything and talking non-stop. She is an amazing traveler and loves to be outside in the fresh air, getting her vitamin A and D. Today, we will be walking down to Whole Foods with Grandpa for lunch. Whole Foods, round trip will only be about 4.5-5 miles, though hopefully less wind.
I have never understood the need to pay a gym membership for exercise, all one needs to do is leave the car at home at walk. We walk a lot now, doing simple errands that are within 4 miles round trip. If Eric and I go together we can actually carry home, with ease, a weeks worth of grocery needs.  
And as you can see, I have packing the stroller down to a science.
Please join me for


Julia said...

pretty socks! I love the walks! My kids are all in school but we are planning a day hike with the cousins soon.

karen said...

beautiful socks I love the striping!! and look at that bit of sunshine on your walk. I think the sun is out and about today but it is cold!!


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