Wednesday, May 17, 2017

17 MAY, 2017

Spring , and getting the garden ready is so exciting for me. The anticipation of growing real food right in my own backyard is nothing short of a small miracle in my world. What I don't understand is why everyone doesn't have a vegetable and flower garden!
Eric is busy getting the brick walk done, and boy howdy, was that a job! It looks beautiful!

Happenings on the back porch: well I put together a water/sand/mud kitchen for BB. The fun she has playing in this very SIMPLE kitchen is amazing. I feel that toys, simple toys, allow children the freedom to use their imagination. For me, to watch a child play using that amazing gift, (imagination), is better than any OSCAR movie. I also get some knitting done, in-between all the test tasting I get to do for BB.

Sewing: finished a cute SIMPLE dress for BB. Found the perfect buttons over at MSK  where I walked into a HUGE yarn sale! Can you believe it, I left with only the buttons. Couldn't find anything  I needed and let's face it, I am slightly overwhelmed with the GINORMOUS stash that I have stored all over the house!

The weekend got away from before posting this post and guess what...we are expecting rain tonight , tomorrow, then snow on Friday. Oh, Colorado- you never let us down. I went into the yard to pick the few peonies that have bloomed to enjoy in house while this cold, freezing snowy front moves through. I rarely pick flowers from the yard, unless of course roses, since they will bloom and bloom.

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