Tuesday, October 25, 2016


E1 caring water and rain coats-he is my boy scout.

I carry my essentials, KNITTING, on all hikes and walk abouts!

Today, early this morning, Mr.E and I went out for a walk on Coyote Ridge. We didn't make it up the final ridge, ( I am way too out of shape), but the 90 minute walk we did do was absolutely  beautiful!!! The grass lands with mule deer running in groups, the birds singing, prairie dogs were AMAZING and thankfully we saw no snakes. I'm not partial to rattle snakes-they scare me to death! It was cool this morning- I planned on walking the trail early for this reason, snakes don't like cold. Also we didn't see any bob cats or mountain lions-I'm OK with that too.
A long walk in the morning with Mr. E always sets my day out right, not sure if it's Mr.E ., the fresh air, the exercise.... I think it's the awe of it all combined together. 
Be still my heart!

I have been knitting {a lot} lately, it's easy to do when my back goes out. I have been down 2 full days and having nothing else to occupy me , except books, I knitted. 
Finished BB pants by Drops
a pair of socks that I just casted on 48 stitches and knitted using sock yarn and size US 1 needles.
Knitting baby socks is a great way to use up left over sock yarn!!!!!
When I was able to sit up for a period of time I cut out a quilt from fabric that still makes my heart skip a beat. Bought here: Country Sampler.
This store is the best Quilt store I have been in -in years. So much to look at and touch, so many great ideas!
I do have a quilt, Reproduction with lots of Bubble Gum Pink in it to show you, but it will have to wait till I can take pictures of the beauty, it's BIG. 
October has been beautiful here this year and we have been out enjoying her while it last. Soon it will be snowing with the fire place burning to keep me warm as needles either move through fabric or click away one stitch at a time. I love this time of year!

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Oh my, what a wonderful week. Nothing like a baby staying at the house to slow life down in so many ways, yet keeping SOOO busy with her I'm falling into bed at 630 exhausted. Watching her change daily from picking things up, sitting up on own,( yeah, she almost has that down), new hair growth on that perfect head,  to her laughs and blowing bubbles and figuring out it's OK to nap without being held. ., 
We play, rock, change diapers and take walks outside.
What an honor to be her MeMe, Grandpa's pretty honored having the opportunity to spend so much time with her too. She even took to looking and a little tearing up of Grandpa's fishing magazines. No problem, that is the start of being an apprentice fly fishing-woman.
Knitting is being accomplished one row here, one row there. So the baby wool pants may not be done till the snow actually flies. I did however get the buttons on the Little Sister's Dress, with barely any time to loose. It just fits!
Big Butt Baby pants were made out of the cutest flannel material picked up in Lyons Colorado.
White Leaf Cowl was packaged up and shipped to Minnesota for my youngest.
The sweet crochet blanket was finished 2-3 years ago and discovered this very week-it now belongs to BB. It makes a great stroller blanket!.
Fall-the perfect time for stroller walks, BEAUTIFUL!

Join me for YARN ALONG

Saturday, October 8, 2016


Nathan and Betty bonding! Yes, Nathan had the "touch". Betty thought Nathan was very cool!


Fern Falls

I look at this picture every morning, it puts a BIG smile on my face! Kids are so in the moment, never thinking about the past or what is to come in the future, (as long as the food is available)
Nor do they care what others will think of their behavior or say...presentation.
And their smiles-best medicine on the planet!!!
Oh to be a kid again!

E and I spent the day up on the river fishing (Eric), I spent the day watching E fish- knitting and reading. A totally delightful Day! On our way out to the car we pick some "yellow" flowers/tumble weed for me to dye yarn. I have plenty of brown/yellow dyed yarn, but can't help myself when I am in a field of color.
Knitting: Baby Pants

Thursday, October 6, 2016


On the Front Range we are starting to experience our "crazy weather" patterns. Warm Indian summer one day, cold, rain and yes even snow on others days. As they say in Colorado: "wait 5 minutes and the weather will change".
E. and I went on a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park and it was WINDY, COLD and SNOWING ! It was wonderful!!  Once we got in the trees it was perfect hiking weather and so beautiful! We spent the day with my brother and sister-in-law from Chicago and it could not have been more perfect.
My garden is a breathe away from being "put to bed" for the season. I need to find a recipe for all the green tomatoes still on the vine. I have heard green salsa is good, any suggestions are welcomed.
I love Fall for the warm dishes that come back to the table, the comfort food! We had our first stew,(clean the frig) stew with homemade biscuits. So satisfying! I have been trying to make all our food from scratch, it is not as overwhelming as I imagined it would be. We do not have as many choices to snack on, but what is around is fresh, no preservatives and very satisfying.
My days have become very slow days. I walk first thing in the morning, usually 2.5-3.5 miles per walk. I find this helps my thinking and keeps me moving through the day. After my walk and a home cook breakfast, I will clean something that is in need of a good scrub and organize (put away) anything that as accumulated from the day before. Of course their is some knitting and maybe sewing on the agenda, with some reading thrown in for a well rounded day. Dinner is made, more reading before bed and that is how my day runs. Yes there is a lot more done through out the week, canning, gardening, fishing, etc.... 
but these are done when the weather permits and on our schedule. No stress to get "everything" done within a small time frame. 
Having control over ALL my time is taking some getting use to- but it is a GRAND feeling!
Knitting: Cowl 
Reading: Burnt River


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