Monday, February 22, 2016


WOW, I haven't had a cold/flu bug in years, I mean years, and no I am not a big fan of the flu vaccine (for me personnally) though , I have gotten one every year to keep my job. Once my kids got out of primary grades, and my rediculous cleaning of all handles, washing of hands a bazillion times/day and changing toothbrushes the minute a hint of cold germ was near my home...well we managed to stay very healthy. So when Eric came home with a cold last week, I was a little surprised. The following week I had it and I was bummed! and miserable! I have been in bed for 4 days!!!! Of course all my days off work!!
In-between cold decongestion medication and sleep, I have managed a few rows of knitting. The bed is covered in knitting-not knowing what project my fuzzy head will be able to manage. 
Not a way I would choose to spend my weekend, the cold part, I am always knitting, but it was quiet  and Eric fed me....ahhh.

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Front Range Rocky Mountains
on a very hazy morning.
Lots of snow clouds building in the mountains.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Finishing up another pair of socks! Regis 4-fadig by Arne and Carlos is wonderful to knit with, Socks are not the most exciting knit to knit , but the self stripping makes these fun! I hope to make several more in the months to come. 
I bought the Ann Budd sock ruler too. I was tired of my socks being too short or too long...ugh. The ruler helps, something so simple and yet so useful.

Getting ready for warmer days with garden and house self sufficiency books.
Have had no time to really do anything but thumb through these book, will let you know after I spend more time diving into all the information they hold.

It's Wednesday

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Snow pictures from our last storm and I was computer-less at the time to post them.
Boy howdy, we got some snow! Eric didn't dare go to work in Denver, but he dug out so I could make it to the hospital here in town. 
These snows can be big here in Colorado, though they are gone in a few days especially when the chinook winds are blowing and they are blowing. It's warm, 50-60's, ankle weights are needed in the dress attire to stay on the ground. The puppies hate chinook winds, we send them out tethered to a rope tied off in the kitchen so they don't blow off over to Kansas;-].
Have a great Tuesday! 

Monday, February 15, 2016


These crazy socks, I frogged back 3 times before I knitted the toe up to my liking. Let me say that picking up 64 stitches on a zero needle is not easy on the eyes, but not impossible either. I got rather proficient at it ;-\  Anyways, the socks are done and they fit like a glove. Last week I started another pair of socks and I am almost to the heel of the second sock. Guess I am in a sock knitting mood.

Wendell spent the weekend with us and got himself in a whole lot of trouble. He was "marking" in my house! Not only that-but he lifted his leg on an entire roll of batting that was out. So he lost all privileges in the house and was sentenced to the playpen when indoors. He looks crushed doesn't he? 

Sunday, February 14, 2016


End of the football season, beginning of the sock knitting season.

Saturday, February 13, 2016


I can't say enough wonderful things about homemade bone broth. Putting this together is easy and letting it slow cook all day is the best house aroma money and time can purchase.
I used turkey wings for this bone broth. I cooked the wings in my toaster oven which worked great, but look at all that wonderful turkey dripping that I couldn't scrap off to put in the pot? It is almost a crime, but no tears, lesson learned. My next pot the bones will be roasted in the same pot that the broth is made in. 
Eric is not feeling well, cough due to cold? I am ready, nothing like hot broth when feeling under the weather.


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