Saturday, October 25, 2014


i am sewing and knitting...a lot, a real lot and loving every minute. surprising even myself i am finding making garments is extremely relaxing to this lady. am enjoying figuring out the patterns and hearing that wonderful  sewing machine humming along. the bernia i use to put button holes on broke. .ugh.
so off to the repair man and the machine was back in my hands in 4 days, fixed and ready to work this weekend.
finished projects:
baby pants- such a fun knit to use yarn in my stash. who they are for, not sure. today i am going to get a container to store completed knits. i have a draw full that is having trouble closing, oh yeah.
i cut and had this cute tunic completely sewed with finished seams in 3 hours. a must sew and versatile 
garment. wear as a dress in summer and layer it with a tee and leggings or jeans in cooler weather.
negroni shirt by colette for one of my two men. colette patterns are amazing, the instructions are clear with some very cool techniques and lots of the so important to me, pictures. yes i am a visual pattern reader! 
i look forward to weekends so i can hide in the afternoon in my sewing cave. hard to call it a sewing studio since only i can fit in it, { a one person room and maybe a small dog or two}.
i turn on a movie i have seen a thousand times for back round noise, can’t loose valuable sewing time to actually watch a movie. i am so enjoying spending time making garments for family and friends, spending time thinking about the loved one the project will most likely be gifted too. bringing past cherished memories forward about said recipient. yes, memories are a gift to mom’s that continue to love sewing for their adult family members.

Friday, October 24, 2014


fall is by far my favorite season, always has been ever since i realized as a child that their is four unique, different seasons. growing up in Chicago i experienced four definite distinct full seasons, not like colorado where spring gets mixed up with winter as does fall, though fall most likely will mix to much with summer! 80 degrees tomorrow...uhem. dressing appropriately for going out the door in the morning is one outfit and coming home is totally a different outfit. layers is the only way to dress for Colorado fall prepared for anything.
not quite warm enough for wool socks but the perfect time to be knitting wool socks. the first pair is yarn “ socks that rocks”. love knitting with this yarn, feels great running through my fingers and knits up a beautiful fabric. also the colors are bright and sunny. 
the second pair { brown } are very wooly, out of stash, so no ideas regarding the yarn, etc,etc.
i am finding it is getting difficult for me to see dark colors and it is mandatory that any dark yarns i have to knit on light colored needles. oh this growing old.........
 so, off i go to knit more socks, for whom i do not know, but so enjoy knitting on the back porch with all the fall colors surrounding me. 
and yes, i am harvesting beets! the joy and wonder of gardening. this is very late to still be harvesting anything from the garden, but like i said it has been a warm fall.

Monday, October 13, 2014


hello! this morning it is a cool 32 degrees. i believe winter is on it’s way for sure. yesterday  was a blustery day with winds blowing 20 mph, golden leaves swirling all around...a day to be savored for sure. before all this lovely fall weather blew in, i spent a couple of hours at a pumpkin patch with my new best friend emily, ( she is 4 years old). we picked out pumpkins and visited the farm animals. it is so fun to watch life through a 4 year old, and boy are they busy!
finished the blue quilt for a co-worker who had a beautiful baby boy named carter. how smart of her to name her son a name she will never have to label his clothes..Carter!
i realized quilting this quilt, that when i quilt it so heavily it is hard to keep it 100% square. when i washed the quilt it feels like heaven but is more caddywampous  then imaginable. uhem. but still a lovely gift for a special little boy. 
hope your weekend was filled with fun, friends and family.

Friday, September 19, 2014


socks for me when done knitting feel like such an accomplishment. i never have an issue knitting the first sock, it’s that second one, and working on double pointed needles size 0. but oh how i love the result!
i knitted 3 of these socks while relaxing in Yellow Stone National Park, here , here and here.
with nothing else to do but sit and enjoy the surroundings, my 3 socks flew off the needles and i am grateful for that.
the blue socks are made with miss babs sock weight yarn( not sure of the color way...sorry)
and the multi color grey, brown and orange is a skein of computer dyed yarn that has been sitting in my stash for years, ( again, no idea color way or brand...sorry). 
the soles have meg ryan’s design “sensuous soles” and this makes one’s socks a joy to wear. the sole wraps around the foot with gentle support that have my feet dancing all day.
it has been in the high 80’s here all week but monday the predictions are for rain, cold dropping temperature rain... sock weather! 
i’m in love with fall!
sweaters, socks, the start of yarn wearing months!
what’s on your feet?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


i laugh every time i tell someone the name of this scarf pattern. all i can thick about when i say “groovy” is davy jones from the monkees, remember that show in the 60’s? and as any healthy silly young girl in america, i was madly in love with davy jones. i can remember many saturdays at my cousins house playing davy jones on the 45 record player. we would stack those 45’s high and dance around the basement, shaking and screaming. thinking back, i am sure to our parents we looked like a bunch of children have epileptic seizures.
groovy is made from tosh lace weight in a cream color with a light shade of gray in the final row.
groovy is a great mindless knit and since i have lots of tosh light, i think another groovy is on the horizon. groovy looks great knitted in any yarn weight, so check out ravelry and knit yourself a groovy, get out those 45’s and dance around your kitchen with davy jones!

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Monday, September 15, 2014

“the end"

the crew that made the trek to “the end” of Long Island

eric and i traveled to long island to celebrate the wedding of a much loved niece. 
we were gone three days, two of which were all takes a long, long time, 2 planes and one long drive to "the end” of long island. i know now personally why it is called long island.
the day of the wedding was well worth the trip.
a walk through montauk village, 7 hours sitting on the beach knitting, catching up with family, watching the ocean waves roll in and generally just relaxing till wedding time.
and the wedding, oh my stars, it was beautiful on the “pond”. the brides were gorgeous, my niece absolutely stunning as was her mother, sister mary margaret. the food amazing, starting off with a lobster bar and cocktails, moving to some wonderful salads, the most tender beef with vegetables and the best, i mean the best 3 layer wedding cake that has ever passed my lips. 
oh, anne’s wedding was beautiful and so worth the travel time.
thank you anne and jackie for including us on your very special day!
“the end” is what the long island locals call montauk and where eric and i spent a day in early september.

Monday, September 1, 2014


seems i am gathering a collection of garden “sun” hats. oh, how i wish hats were still in vogue like days of old! i would be all over that statement fashion, not only the hats but the hat boxes...oh yes, how fun to get dress to go out. a hat, hand bag and shoes to match!
decided to bring in a few flowers today before they are gone with the fleeting summer season.
the first rose i picked by holding the rose bud had a big bee inside enjoying it’s morning sweetness. before i knew it the bee was in my cupped hand and as mad as hornet. i shook my hand and the bee flew out only to fly into my face and then  get caught in my “white” hair. oh their was a dance being done in the garden by this white haired women, but i managed to escape from being stung. note to self, look before  cupping rose buds with hand...ahem!
i have had few days this summer to hang quilts on the line and have missed this summer ritual. today i have gotten one quilt on the line and plan to spend some time on the swing knitting and gazing at the quilt drying on the line. 
i plan to move this labor day slowly, doing a few “homey” things, get ready slowly for the work week, knit a lot, and prepare a dinner that it straight out of the 50’s.
pot roast, mash potatoes, carrots, peas and homemade gravy!


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