Friday, August 19, 2016


Home, I love being home! I stay home most days, mainly I just am so content to putter around the home, but also every time I venture out I think, " where did all this traffic come from"? Not to mention all the road construction!! Ugggg!
Life at home with Mr P. is so layed back. We have days with our pumpkin, she is so adorable, I love her to the end of the moon. I am reading like the library is going to close any second. I use to read a lot but haven't for years, but now it is a book every other day if not daily. 
Knitting and sewing but not nearly as much as I should. No pressure  though at the moment and if I fall back into feeling anxious, { old habits}, I just push it out,  take a deep breath and read another book.
I have been canning and drying tomatoes like no tomorrow. Watching my pitaful garden, oh well next year for the garden will be better, eternal hope gardens are!
Just breathing! 

Friday, August 5, 2016


I'm retired and LOVE LOVE it. I have been home for a month now with my best friend and hubby. Today is the first day I feel I don't need a nap! It is amazing how much stress we carry around from our jobs and I must say the last several years my job had been over the top with stress. So good to be done with that. 

What am I doing? Well a lot of baby time! and Loving it!!!! She is the apple of our eyes that wee little one. Three months old and so interactive. We get to enjoy her company 2-3 days a week at the house while her Mama and Papa work. Can't think a better way to spend our time. I just sit and hold her for hours, yes even while she naps! Oh, I think I should put her down and get something done-but then I remember how fast this time goes and settle in snug like with her. Oh the wonder of having time to enjoy this little girl! Not getting much knitting or sewing done and that is OK too!

I did finish this shirt for son Nathan.  Pattern is Negroni and I have made several of these shirts for Nate. He likes the fit and I enjoy the pattern.

Other things I have been up:

finding the joy in letter writing
finding absolute glee opening the mail box to find a letter for me!
watched the entire RNC and DNC (never have I done that before).
Cooking a lot more
not out shopping for yarn or fabric
Read 7 books thus far
2 visits to the library
But most of all
enjoying being home in my house, slowing down.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Much merriment has been going on around here, we had a party for 3 graduates over the Memorial Weekend and a baby shower for Miss Betty. 
My sister came to town for all the festivities and we were busy every day doing a lot of things I can no longer recall, but I know we had great fun and it was all important doings. I did take Mary Margaret to the Abby. Oh, was she impressed! We walked Station Road, though we did not say the Stations of the Cross, we had very little time. Walked all through the Chapel building, picked up a few reading materials, then we walked around the back ( I had not been there) and a huge barn with a heard of cattle came into view. It was breath taking!!!! 
The first weekend in June we had another  family graduation and my daughter's birthday to celebrate! I am not use to this much socializing, we loved it but were in bed sooo early Sunday evening, I mean by 6:30! I slept all night too.
For Caitlin's birthday I made a BIG quilt! She and Jason love it, the quilt fits the bed.
It is  2inch squares sewed and sewed together, a great way to use up scraps, however, I feel I always end up with more scraps, how does that happen?
I casted on a new scarf, something I really needed..Ha Ha Ha!
It is a mindless knit, "shawl in garter stitch pattern". Easy peasy, the edge has a simple crochet stitch that gives the shawl a very elegant finish look.
I'm using yarn from my stash- another bonus!
It doesn't look as if this weekend will be a slow one either, The Wool Festival in Estes is Saturday and Sunday. Next summer, since I will be retired, I plan on taking at least one class at the Wool Fest. 
How is your summer shaping up?
Keep safe and be happy! Till next post......

Friday, May 20, 2016


May and Spring in Colorado is nothing to place any weather bets on...the odds are stacked against one coming out on top of those kind of bets.
The promise of being in the garden planting and soaking up the warm spring sunshine one day- only to be dashed with rain, cold and wind for days. The seeds I did manage to get in the ground between long hours of rain, I believe are drowned,  rotting, caput in the ground now. It's starting over again this weekend. But that is gardening in the Rockies. I am so glad I didn't hang my laundry out on the line today, it may have been on the line till July 4th before the clothes are dried. Yes, woke up with the promise of a day with sunshine. Nope, big black clouds are building up over the foothills only to roll done to me and open up with rain. It's on to inside things to do, no shortage of inside projects that need attention.

First up is the biggest quilt I have ever had on a table top machine. I have pieced bigger quilts, though they have all been quilted by a long arm quilter. This quilt, though my machine is handling it,  feeding it through the machine evenly, I feel like the quilt is handling me...big and heavy by gosh.
I spend about one hour increments quilting this monster before my back and wrists are fatigued. Then it's on to knitting, baby dress of course. Small, knit, knit, knit....mindless.
Great way to spend an afternoon watching dark clouds building-soon to be over those mountains.

My sister called this morning, she asked me to go on this diet with her. Something called The Mama Diet? Well it's fairly difficult to say no when looking down I have to extend the ole' double chin/neck to see the toes, that would be my toes. So I ordered the cook book, she is getting the "how to" book. Funny, I know how to do it....STOP BENDING the ELBOW with food in hand to mouth......
Also, all the hobbies I enjoy do not burn that many aerobic calories ( ok, lets be honest, no aerobic calories are burning), however they do provide plenty of opportunity for body fat to slide south...ugh!
I want to be up front and honest here, I am no good at diets! But, hope is eternal!
Soo.... we are starting Sunday or Monday I think, and I just bought this great magazine on CAKES! I know... I am making one this afternoon!
And thats all I got to say about it!


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