Saturday, February 13, 2016


I can't say enough wonderful things about homemade bone broth. Putting this together is easy and letting it slow cook all day is the best house aroma money and time can purchase.
I used turkey wings for this bone broth. I cooked the wings in my toaster oven which worked great, but look at all that wonderful turkey dripping that I couldn't scrap off to put in the pot? It is almost a crime, but no tears, lesson learned. My next pot the bones will be roasted in the same pot that the broth is made in. 
Eric is not feeling well, cough due to cold? I am ready, nothing like hot broth when feeling under the weather.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Photos above are all about an e-course I took over at  beauty that moves and it was wonderful! When making a meal I freeze some of it-in serving sizes for lunch or an easy dinner. No more,( or very little )cafeteria food for me at work, which by the way is awful!
So many great ideas, from recipes to storage and labeling.Heather did a great job and I will be taking her whole food e course next.

This cute quart is my new drinking glass. I love water!

I love my days off of work! I turn on my music (any suggestions for music will be appreciated) and get things done. Today I cleaned bathrooms, and I mean I took the bathrooms apart and cleaned all nooks and crannies. Aired out the bedrooms, yes it has been warm here in NoCo. With the windows open I can hear the birds signing and water running, (the great melt off from our last snow storm). According to Farmers Almanac we have one more BIG snow at the end of the month. 

After the cleaning, I finished putting borders on this quilt, sewed the backing together, then sandwiched it all together and did the pinning. I use a rug hooking tool to clip close all the pins. This handy dandy tool makes this rather boring job fast and easy on the fingers.
One of my borders had to many puckers in it, that I decided to take it off and re-adjust the border with 1.5" less in length. Fits perfect now. No, I did not take all the pins out to redo the border, just ripped, folded and went slowly to get it all together again. Scrap quilts with lots of piecing often pucker, with patience I can usually get everything to lay flat and even. I have had a lot of practice and not being a perfectionist helps too.

Funny thing yesterday after going to church and getting my Ashes for Lent. At work I had several people ask me if I ran into a door or if I did a face plant. Huh, I guess I forgot this is not a very Catholic community. Even my daughter at work asked if I fell,she thought the Ashes were a big bruise ;-}
Made me giggle.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Hello there!
Too many things happening here and they got away from me, hence no LittleHouseHouse chatter.
First, my computer-getting old , so traded it up. And it has taken me 2 full weeks to learn some simple steps on this new honey. One thing it does not have is i-photo, what? I think I will love it as we become more aquatinted but will need some kind of photo processing program...ideas?
Work too has been very stressful! not sure why, the more I try to control the stresses in my life-well they just seem to blindside me....ugh! I have been working long- extra hours and having little to none me time, makes for a grumpy Eileen.

Enough about poor me----
how are all of you? 
I have been taking pictures, so will catch up on my 365 over the next week. Thanks for your patience.

This morning I am heading to church to get Ashes. WOW, this is something I have not done....forever! In HighSchool we would give each other Ashes, {from the ashes of our cigarets;-{, now, now this was in the early, early 70's}. My sister and I have done something for Lent for several years now. We may give something up or do something healthy and nice for ourselves, family and friends. This year, not sure what I will be doing for Lent, perhaps meditate, pray each day to get centered and know I am not in charge.

Knitting several projects at once:
2 pairs of adult socks
1 pair baby socks
1 baby sweater
1 baby romper
1 adult poncho
1 adult dress
1 adult boy sweater

I best clear some of that off my list. 

Today was so sunny and warm! I love days like this, I can sit on the porch, soak up some Vitamin A&D-all the while knitting. Fresh air and sunshine does wonders for the affect. And we did have a big snow since last time I blogged. Eric measured over 14 inches.

Well happy Wednesday.
Please join me over at 

Monday, January 25, 2016

SEWING 73/365

Scrap piecing. Trying to meditate while piecing these two very different quilts. The results- my mind is all over the place….ugh!

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Sadie taking a nap on me, her favorite thing to do and mine.

I am over the moon with bone broth! My new pressure canner-first time I am solo with this bad boy. Kinda scary but fun.

Friday, January 22, 2016


knitting (141) quilting (114) ME (85) Garden (70) Things I love (57) Family (53) Home (53) Sewing (52) Gratitude (44) simplicity (43) Home Making (31) flowers (30) Reading (29) Photography (26) Winter (26) crochet (26) Holiday (25) Christmas (23) Vacation (20) cooking (20) Machine quilting (18) SNOW (17) China (13) Camping (12) canning (11) Clothes line (10)