Friday, December 19, 2014


it’s official, christmas has begun here at little house! mr.p and i are off for the next week and the celebrations are about to begin. but first, we must get the house in order,  finished up gifts buying, ( not much needed here), food menu planning and then welcoming these two home for Holidays

yes, we will all be home for christmas this year.
nathan is bringing his soul mate home for the holidays, a special year for us.
natalie’s first visit to colorado to meet the entire little house family and relatives...we are all so thrilled to have her here. not planing much, just going to let the days evolve and soak up every moment.  of course we will have several visits of breakfast and coffee at me oh my pies and snow is in the in colorado to show off!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


tis the time of year it’s hard to post all the sewing and knitting projects that i have completed.
so much “do it yourself” fun happening here, but since i have many viewers and not sure if any of the recipients of said projects are popping in on the blog....well, i will just have to wait till after the 25th before posting my busy november and december projects/gifts.
i can show you some small gifts that were tied up with ribbon and given to some very happy colleages. 
handmade dish/hand clothes filled with homemade soap; honey oatmeal bar and a lavender bar.
the day is approaching where family will be picked up at the airport, lots of soul warming food made,
talks around the table, movies watching, dinner out, and all sorts of family gathering for 2 days.
2 days i look forward to, it’s like making it to the summit. i really try to keep things calm and not commercial at all and for the most part i am successful.
i want this christmas to be even calmer, i want to savior it all, i guess  what i want is a slow christmas.
hope your holiday planning is meeting your’s and your family’s needs.
happy holidays.
ps: do you celebrate the winter solstice day and if so, what are some of the special things you do for this day?


on a sunday

:: early sunday morning sipping coffee
:: watching midsomer murders
:: knitting on a sweet baby gown
:: grey and windy outside the window
:: waiting and watching for the snow to start
:: midmorning chai at me oh my pie
:: sewing on the last of christmas gifts
:: a wee bit more holiday clean up
:: sunday roast in the oven, potatoes and corn on the stove
:: but best of all-spending a quit day with the one i enjoy the

( yup, I forgot to hit the post button, so you are getting this on Tuesday).

Sunday, December 7, 2014


tis the season to have many projects in the works and even more in my head. i’m close enough to christmas to realize all those great handmade gifts in my queue that i really want to make for gifts are not going to be finished let alone started by christmas morning.
  knitting and chai on sundays at me oh my pies is where 2 busy elf s have been knitting away on soon to be gifted items for special people.
though i must admit between gift making and getting my house in order (clean) for holiday guest, i needed a break. what better way to take a break than a morning trip to a small mountain town having a christmas festival, food for the soul! driving up the long winding road through the narrow canyon, the higher in elevation and further from town the quietness consumes and calms every fiber in me. 
arriving at the end of the road i pull into a field to park, ( good thing i drove the truck) sit and take in the site. this is as close to an an “old fashion”  live christmas scene i have ever had the privilege to view. people bustling around bringing in their goods to show, beautiful food baskets lined up for auction, fresh, just the right size christmas trees lined against the fence, hand crafted real pine wreathes, a mountain bbq that smells like heaven and so many more crafted treasures for sale. all this takes place at the one room mountain school in stove prairie. {actually the school has been expanded to a four room school}.   the people, these are local people from stove prairie, talking and joking with their neighbors, greeting us townies to the is a story book wonderment.
but i did have to get down the canyon road, mr.p and i had to get to the city {denver} for a christmas office party. two different worlds in one day, a small community with out even a stop sign to grid lock driving into the city from 30 miles out. we did have a miracle in the city...we got a parking spot in front of the restaurant, dead in front of the restaurant. we parked, got out of the car and checked all around for  a red curb, signs saying no parking, even asking “can we park here?”, but it was true, we were legally parked. i knew that magic christmas mountain community spirit traveled to denver with us!
i have a sweater i plan on starting early on the morning of dec.25th. i rarely use the yarn the pattern calls for but this time i ordered as the pattern instructed, even the same color way.
i am over the moon with madder patterns. take a look at the shop and blog, i know she will touch a knitting fiber in you too

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


my simple blue quilt i found at a flea market that is hand quilted makes my heart swell. 
oh, their is nothing to it, no grand show piece other than i know she was well used by the owner before me and will be used my me on beds, couches and the ground.
my favorite kind of quilt, one that is used because so much love will go into it, being part of the family.
i do not own one show quilt nor have i ever made a show quilt. no, no, oh no, i make and use my quilts on beds, in the trailer, on picnics and children when they return home. not to mention all the quilts i have made for babies soon to land on the planet, family and friends. 
quilts are special, they keep us warm, comfort us when ill or just needing down time in front of the tv.
quilts mean home to me!
the comfort of a good worn quilt is a simple pleasure in my life.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


we had a short break in the weather yesterday, no snow, was to be warm but was not, though good “cleaning out the beds” weather and the dumpsters were here in the neighborhood!
eric and i went out around noon, realizing it was not going to get any warmer or done by a twitching of our noses. neither of us are young anymore, our backs always a nagging imposition and eric’s hands getting arthritis, but out we went because two sets of hands no matter how poor, cuts the work time in half. eric took care of the heavy stuff and i cut down the knee high stalks and pulled iris beds apart.
we were satisfied after only 2 hours of work time spent and in the house we went to warm up.
chilled to the bone we were crawling around the wet ground and into piles of unmelted snow. oh mid-november can be a bit late for yard work!
by 6pm we both were still chilled to the bone and getting stiff. under quilts we went with dogs there too, lots of quilts, homemade quilts, cozy quilts, oh november, how i love to settle in and prepare for the slow months ahead of me. that is once i get past december!

my mind is filled with homemade gift ideas for christmas and working i have been doing. not a stressed, frantic work but at a pace i am comfortable with, a pace that satisfies my soul. 
honey oatmeal soap was made on friday, cut early sunday morning, now curing till the week of jolly holly christmas.
of course we are to celebrate thanksgiving first, a favorite holiday for me. nothing better than friends, family and good food!

are you preparing for the holidays?
or just starting to tuck in for the slow months ahead?

snow is on the way again with high winds, so glad we spent the day outside yesterday.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


it has been cold and snow the last 2 days, the kind of days where i move around the house doing things that comfort me. lots of knitting and cooking going on, a short trip to the flea market and found the beautiful (2) blue rugs for my kitchen. i also found a nine patch quilt, hand quilted for a mere 28 dollars! yahoo, i have never found a bargain such as that. when i came in the house with my treasure both husband and daughter said “mom why are you buying a quilt? you make them!’ oh i said, “ how could i leave this piece of heaven behind, it is hand quilted and i know the value of a hand quilted quilt!” the blue rescued quilt is being washed and proper pictures will be taken later in the week, then shared with all.

the first batch of christmas soap has been made, something that i thoroughly enjoy doing. batch one is lavender simple soap. this soap is great to wash hair, face and as a basic soap for all needs. batch number two, i’m going to try honey oatmeal. i have knitted up about and no fewer than 30 plus washcloths that i will wrap bars of soap in for small gifts this christmas season.

erin my youngest came over in the afternoon, always a pleasure to see her. she talks to me about nursing school adventures and tells me stories of her and fellow students crazy happenings in the hospitals, stories to be sure that only a nurse could find humor in, and laugh i do, people can be so funny. i often wonder why we take ourselves so seriously.  i have always said i can do just about any job (in nursing) as long as i can get a good laugh. i think that is why i have lasted 35 years in my job.
i will admit, lately i have too often forgotten to laugh at work, (changing times), but erin is reminding to look for the humor again.....thanks erin!


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