Friday, August 14, 2015


My garden has that “late August “ look and feel. You know what I mean, plants putting on that long spindly look, going from the rich green coloring to the pale green-yellow coloring. Veggies and flowers all have that dry,  thirsty look and feel, no matter how much watering they receive. 
Tomatoes, oh those tomatoes, 2015 is not their year at Little House Quilting homestead. Only two plants have produced fruit out seven plants , planted…yikes! Worse year to date for this gardner and her tomato plants. Truth be told, it’s been a difficult gardening year all around; for both veggies and flowers. But, the most wonderful aspect about grading; HOPE, hope is eternal, hope for the next garden to be planted. Thoughts of: I will be more attentive to my garden, plan the lay out better, amend the soil properly, buy seeds suitable for Colorado climate, and……….
Oh, and yes, that is my curb. The city has decided to fix sidewalks with tiny cracks in them? I can’t figure it out, with all the pot holes in the streets, why, oh why, are they tearing up my driveway and sidewalks? I’m sounding really old, complaining about how my tax dollars are being spent, even noticing how they are being spent!

Besides watching the garden, I am gathering spinning items. Late summer early fall is the time of year I get that spinning itch. I never spin enough for a big project,  like a sweater, but certainly enough for a cowl or shawl. Just enough to be satisfied with spinning,  and then completing the steps through a knitted  small project.

What are you working on?
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Friday, August 7, 2015


The garden this season is poorly attended too. I will water, but, if not for Eric it would be niether weeded nor picked.  It seems that I can’t get the mojo to put it up for winter; glad I planted small this year-a third of the size years past. 
The dogs are enjoying the apples as are the squirrels! Sam and Sadie insist on bringing all fallen apples into the house.  Apparently, Sam is part squirrel and putting up his own supply for his winter enjoyment. One can never be sure when the apocalypse is going to happen.
Even the flowers appear to be wild this year. Well, perhaps next year when I have more time, I will be a better gardner. My big plan is to grow at least a third of our winter needs- hope is eternal!
Hope your garden is fairing well this summer of 2015.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I was in Gunnison, Colorado this week and while Eric was at meetings I explored the little town.
I picked up two books at a cute bookstore called the Bookworm. This book store had a little of this and a little of that. I enjoy small town book stores to find local history books, but not this time. I guess I have been in enough small towns that I have read the ones that interest me, so settled for a book on grammar. I can always use help on that subject.

Yesterday, I was knitting on my pi shawl and was overwhelmed with the fact that I have 3
huge knitting projects going and feeling “I will never get done”! I need a finish! So, I casted on for a infant baby sweater using Berroco yarn I had in stash. Hopefully I can buzz through this knit and feel like - "yes, I have a finish”, “I  can get things done”. 

Please join me at YARN ALONG and my blog friend Ginny. If you have never been to Ginny’s blog it is well worth a pop into for a visit.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


It has been a packed four days! We started the weekend with the County Fair! It has been years, I say years since I have been to the Fair-I believe  perhaps 25 years! Eric and I spent our date night eating fair food, (something you don’t want but once a year or once every 25 years). The show was great, all the animals  - but the draft horses were outstanding! Man are those animals HUGE! The chickens of course are a favorite of mine, they are so funny to watch, and yes I would love to have a flock in my yard.
Saturday, we entertained some friends from Wyoming. We entertain very rarely anymore - I hate to clean house - ugh……. And yet we should entertain often so I would clean house, it seems to be my motivator, and I love a clean house!

Next we were off to southwest Colorado - Gunnison to be sure. I have never been there and the drive was well worth it. 4 hours of wonderful serenery and knitting, can’t go wrong with that combo, can we? South Park was amazing! Not a fan of Monarch Pass though, I'm terrified of heights and driving over that Pass - twisting and turning on the outside ledge - well, lets just say I was almost in tears.
Eric and I decided not a good place for us to retire too, I would never go anywhere due to the Pass.

Knitting wise, I continue to work on the Fair Isle dress, am tearing back several rows, I want it a wee bit roomier under the arms…ahem. The Fair Isle skirt I made for Caitlin -  needs to be redone, and I continue to work on Elizabeth Zimmerman pi shawl.

The calendar turned another month and something about August that the days are HOT and the evenings cool and crisp. Oh Fall is just around the corner. Many, many gold leaves are on the trees, another sure sign that the cool lazy days of Fall are on the horizon.

Friday, July 31, 2015


Last evening Caitlin and Jason had a BBQ Birthday Party for Erin, she turned 26. It was a lovely evening, people stopping by, lots of good food and cold beer, with piƱata x2 cracking, cribbage with Dad- (Caitlin loosing to her Dad again, someday Caitlin, someday. You knew you were in trouble when he took off his tie), country views, cows , old out building picture taking and lots of pictures.
Seems like yesterday that my children were babies!
And so how very proud I am in the adults they have grown into being.  
My three children have been the greatest gift in my life…. loved every stage that my kids passed through. Sure some weren’t as fun as others, but sometimes one has to figure out what doesn’t work
to know what does work. We all have gone through those growing pains!
But my three, the amazing people they have grown into….Erin- a nurse to be, Caitlin-small business owner, Nathan-wood working artist, this Mom’s heart is busting and over flowing with gratitude and love! 

Friday, July 24, 2015


doing a lot of this that and the other.
 knitting on the fair isle dress and pi shawl
finishing up the quilting for a gift
freezing some kale
making beef pot pie filling to freeze
2 quarts yogurt
and if i get up enough nerve- i may try to make some motzerella cheese ;-/
i seem to have an abundance of whole milk.
the yarn above has been wound for some chair pads that i really need to get going on.
so much to do, august will be the month that i will set aside to start on Christmas gifts.  i need to get organized, which can be difficult for me because by the time i finish organizing i’m exhausted. though i love to work in an organized home, i tend to stay better focused and not jump from project to project. 
time, time is always the big factor. 
ok-i’m off to look up “how to” make motzerrela cheese. my daughter has done this before, perhaps if i bring her the milk she will do the work?

the open range in northern colorado, seeing cattle out there-my heart soars. open range and cattle reminds me of all my thoughts and ideas of what the west was all about when i was a child. open, semi-tamed but where one could see horizon to horizon. it's pure freedom , chest busting feeling to this lady!
and those clouds, oh, their is something so much bigger than me. i stand out on the range with arms out- overcome with awe, what an amazing world, and what a speck i am standing out on the range, just me, cattle, open range, blue sky and puffy clouds…...


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