Wednesday, January 12, 2022


                                         Colorado has seen a little snow and I mean a little, maybe 15 inches total thus far in January. Nothing to claim bragging rights. 

 At my house, we are in isolation, 'dry dock' as my family calls it. No one has been sick, just need to stay COVID free to meet a surgery date for Eric. We went into dry dock on Christmas Day and will resurface mid-February. We are home bodies here normally, but something about 'CAN'T' go out that gets old fast. 

Sooo.....I have been quilting, knitting and SPINNING!  Dish clothes, six finished, we needed new ones badly. I have not had a store bought dishcloth in my entire married life....43 years just celebrated. Column sweater: finished. Not in love with this sweater but am wearing it often, guess it can't be that bad, (no pics yet.). The other hand knit that has been moved up in regular rotation is Altheda sleeveless sweater. I love this vest, great for these mild winter days and keeps the core nice and warm. Now, please don't think for a minute that any time is spent on daily out fit planning, zero thought goes into my wardrobe planning, jeans, cotton long sleeve shirt, (I only own 5 cotton shirts), Column sweater or Altheda vest or sweatshirt, [the sweatshirt usually wins out.]  I like to keep things simple and stress free;-]

 I am back to spinning, need another color for my 'Color Spun Shawl", am on a blue BFL spin and enjoying this fiber, nice and sticky. 

 Finished is another scrap quilt, unsure of name, I didn't use a pattern. This quilt gave me higher blood pressure. It's not constructing the blocks but quilting on a table top machine. I think the problem is, I am having trouble handling BIG quilts and doing free hand feather quilting, [which I love.} I fret and fret over the quilting, and all for naught. Once washed, the quilt is beautiful and the quilting pleasing.

READING: The War Of the Roosevelts.  This family intrigues me, especially Eleanor. Great book. 

The House of Gucci: The Gucci family...lets just say I am glad I am not related to them. Interesting but creepy book.

The Rockefellers: I have a like/hate feeling for this family. The Rockefeller foundation has done some amazing things in the USA as well as some horrifying deeds. 

Christmas Bells: just a mindless story for me and I have read so many of Jennifer Chiaverini books, I know all the characters.

Watching, all the shows on BritBox!

Cooking: Homemade Bread, Pasta, soups, roast, anything that is in the house. Good time to 'use up' all the pantry and freezer food. Even putting together an inventory [on a spread sheet] of pantry and freezer! Life has certainly a bizarre twist for me.

Joining Kat this morning


Sarah said...

I love the quilt, even if it does make me a little dizzy! And the sweater looks like a great way to keep your core warm without overheating. I'll be interested to see how much you finish during this time in lockdown.

Jane said...

Great photos. I hope the lockdown keeps you all safe and sound so surgery can proceed. The quilt looks beautiful as is the vest. Stay warm. We have had little snow here and it is dry.

AsKatKnits said...

I am loving your "dry dock" comment. It made me chuckle. AND, I am loving that sweater you are modeling! Gorgeous (you and the sweater!)

Stay healthy! I am excited to spin on Saturday!

Kym said...

It sounds like you're making the best of your "dry dock" time. (I don't know what we'd do without hobbies, y'know???) I will be sending all the good juju for a smooth "landing" at Eric's surgery date. XO

Juliann in WA said...

I think those of us with multi-craft tendencies have an slightly easier time being in dry dock. Love the vest style on the Altheda

Mary said...

Love all the photos - and how nice to see you, too! (and that sweater looks perfect - I'm a huge fan of short sleeves over another top) ... aren't we fortunate to have so many good things to keep us entertained while we're home. Wishing you continued health (and patience) as you await Eric's surgery.


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