Sunday, February 9, 2014


{ bad back...raise the table up}

Yesterday I pinned this quilt and set up the JUKI!
I so enjoy sewing on this machine, BIG quilts fit through it like butter and the stitch so straight and true.
My machine had a squeak though that was driving me NUTS. I looked everywhere on that machine to find that noise. Sounded like a mouse on a wheel....a noise that makes a person go crazy.
I looked and looked and ponder some more till BINGO
it was the walking foot.
I cleaned it, oiled it and oiled it some more!
Now my JUKI hums, just that beautiful sewing machine hum ;-0)

I woke up this morning and peaked out the window to more fresh fallen white stuff.
My first thought was “again” but then quickly corrected my thinking to say out loud
“oh my more beautiful fresh white stuff”. 
Yes this has been a winter of snow and cold, though instead of thinking in those terms I prefer to appreciate what a winter such as this means to me:
quality time with mr.p watching football,movies, and now the Olympics.
lots and lots of knitting
great sunday meals cooked straight from my kitchen
crawling under homemade quilts
and afghans
warm sweaters.....
oh and the list can go on and on!
Instead of that Cabin Fever thinking I choose to think of all the things I love about winter..
Now lets warm a cup of Chai....not to sweet or you will miss the yummy ginger warmth.
I’m thinking of starting this...
so different for me.
What are your thoughts.

I just down loaded this book
I have been waiting for over a year to get this book. I would prefer it in hard back and plan on purchasing a hard back copy as soon as it is available in the US.
Rhonda is my mentor
a daily read for me!
check it out.


Alica said...

Your snow sure is pretty! Quilting and knitting and watching the Olympics sound like great ways to pass the time while it melts! :)

karen said...

nice wintry photos,it is still winter here and yesterday we had even more :)

Siddis back home said...

Lovely pictures and I love your quilts! Happy Quillting!


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