Thursday, January 12, 2012


I often look at pictures and think "how could I express this in a quilt"?
I see a 19 inch grandmother's fan ruler useful here.

The top of this building---what a fantastic border !

Love simple quilts with just the plainest of a few star blocks.

Oh, my head becomes a tangled mess of ideas when I have quilts on my mind.
How does one decide which idea will work,?
which idea to do first,?
which idea do I have fabric at home to use?
{ which idea will I remember till tomorrow}?
I think today I am going to do what 
my "steady eddie" does,
I am going to invest in a small note book so I can get all these ideas out of my head and onto paper.
Hopefully then I will be able to prioritize what I can honestly accomplish without becoming a slave to my second love , my BERNINA.


Julie said...

If you are me I would have to leave myself a note as to where I left my notebook! Your stairs picture is great!

Kyle said...

I can visualize your designs from you photos too.

sunny said...

I like seeing the world through your eyes! Get that notebook started NOW!

Alica said...

You have a creative mind...and I'm sure your quilts reflect that wonderful creativity. Who'd ever have thought about the top of that building being a border...but I agree it would look great!
Thanks for the award, Eileen! Believe it or not, I got the same award last week from another blogger!

Creations by Dina said...

What a creative mind you have. You must be like me with a thousand ideas of projects in your head waiting to be created!!

Shauna said...

Great pictures! Love the way you see quilts in everyday, ordinary things!

Caitrin said...

Oh dear Mom.... A notebook. Just remember to also carry a pen.


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