Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This is what I have been "down" to this week.

Sure wish I could show you some fun pictures of what I have thought of being "up to". 
You can see in the picture that I am surrounded by all the pretties I want to be working on.
Not to mention I have not been near my second love --my Bernina in such a long time.
I hope I will not have to read the manual again before I get back to her.

No instead, this is what I get to watch :-)
Makes me giggle that this is back on TV.
And to think Greg believes he is "hot" stuff.
I'm going to go look for Davie now and the Monkeys.
Now that was " hot" when I was young.

All the while wishing I could be working on these.
The colors still bring a smile to my sad face :-)


Kyle said...

Greg was pretty hot stuff in those plaid pants. Your pretty productive when your "down"!

sunny said...

Never did care too much for Greg. Now Keith Partridge was a whole different story! swoon... I just love your colorful afghan. I just may have to go buy some of those colors and start one for myself!

Creations by Dina said...

We watched the Brady Bunch when I was young but Bo Duke stole my heart. Now he was hot stuff, especially for us country girls!
I love your colored afhgan. The colors are so bright and cheerful and compliment each other so well!


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