Wednesday, July 31, 2013


monday afternoon this is what the sky looked like to the west.
i love watching big clouds come over the peaks, i always try to find a picture in the clouds. 
not today though i was driving- [ i did pull over to get the pics ] ;)

this morning at sunrise on my way to work, the sky was painted so beautifully i was humbled.
when i see nature like this i am amazed and realize i am a small part in this creation.
their was a man on the sidewalk that just stood still with his head looking up,
we were both in awe of the view and had to stop for a few minutes.

on my needles is "Annabel "
a mindless knit, just what i crave after a day at the hospital.
i am working full time through september now,
so i will need more mindless knits.
tell me you full time workers when do you get laundry done?
i'm thinking of buying new undies for eric and myself every week, just in case we have an "accident"
and find ourselves in the ER.
my mom always said " change your undies everyday in case you find yourself in the ER".
mom was smart and i follow all her wise!
i wasn't too smart in my youth...

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karen said...

love garter stitch any way I can get it! Although as a youth I thought garter stitch was blah...times have changed! Great color of yarn :)


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