Sunday, August 4, 2013


ah, another week gone and we had plenty of rain this past week. 
my yard is so green i have had to look at my license plates to reaffirm i am still a resident of  
colorado, living on the dry high dessert along the front range.
yup, i'm still here but it looks more like portland, oregon. 
not that i have ever been there, but i love looking at gardens on blogs from portland.
i dream of the greenery and flowers so full and robust with little dew drops on their petals and leaves.
by this time of summer in colorado it is truly as the saying goes-" the dog days of summer".
not fit for woman nor beast to be moving around while the sun is high in the sky.

since i continue to be working full time i have been out in the early evening or morning.
stopped by my sister knits and had a gaze fest in julie's yard, that squirrel is so sassy and fat.
not really concerned about us humans, and the chickens well they just happen to be in his yard. 
the chickens are not too concerned about the squirrel either, they must of formed some kind of a treaty for co-exsistance.

another day i stopped over at me oh my pie and coffee!
the quiche is delish and the pie with caitlin's own ice cream recipe is through the moon.
i like to have breakfast here in this very cute hopping shop at least once a week.
i enjoy watching all the goings on while i eat and knit.
harvest moon is on the needles again, this one in an erin green for my youngest daughter now 24...uggg.
how do these things happen?
i so miss those young years and wish for their least in my head and memory !
anyways erin will hopefully have a harvest moon sweater for christmas this year.
anyone out there want to do a knit along with me , i seem to stay on task when i have people to scoot me along.

and last but far from least i flew into  mama said sew!
love the fabric in this shop.
i have been working on a low volume quilt---new to me---and angela has been very helpful with fabric choices.
much more on this later and with pics !

i'm off to an evening wedding now....
also means i will have 2 hours of knitting in the car and my husbands undivided attention.


Kyle said...

I'm going to have to get over to Caitlin's and try some pie soon.

Bonnie said...

Sounds like you are one busy woman Eileen. I wish I could have some pie at Caitlin's shop.


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