Saturday, August 24, 2013


Summer is coming to an end- I can feel it. The days are still warm; I even hazard to say some are plain hot! But the nights are cool and crisp…oh how I love fall and all that she holds. Great evenings on the porch, walks before it is pitch black, the fall knitting projects and of course all the sewing options. Do I make clothing or quilts? More than likely I will be making both not to mention the afghans and crochet rugs to use up scraps.

The mountains are beautiful in the fall, that gold color of the aspens up against the green pines. Oh and the north wind rushing through the tops of the trees.
 The garden has been wonderful this summer, we are feasting on tomatoes, beets, lettuce, corn, peppers, onions and let’s not forget the zukes. Some of the zucchini will be carved instead of pumpkins for Halloween this year. {I’m not big on Halloween}.

I have been working on erin’s harvest moon sweater, { note the fall name of this sweater}J
 And of course Annabel only needs her sleeves to be put on. So much to do and all to be done in the short of season of FALL.
Are you ready for the season to change? Have you knitting, quilting projects set out? Lets not forget it is also time for soup and homemade bread.

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Bonnie said...

Beautiful photos Eileen. I am ready for bread and soup and hope to get a breather to make some soon. Fall is in the air. We slept under our comforter two nights ago. Where did summer go?


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