Sunday, September 8, 2013


i was in yellowstone national park visiting some of my favorite animals for two whole weeks. 
besides making the rounds....old faithful, bambie and old george the bison, i did a lot of nothing but relax. i knitted a sweater and a half, spun about 8 ounces of fiber, crochet a bit and read 4 books while i parked myself in the most comfortable lawn chair.
it was heaven!
we ate like kings the entire time thanks to the back yard garden. we only added meat to all our veggies of corn, onions,beets,tomatoes, beans, zucchini and basil.
yellowstone to me is what disney world is to most americans. 
i feel at home in yellowstone
my breathing and heart rate slow down
my blood pressure is normal
my head is clear 
and my shoulders are down.
it crossed my mind that if i need a new career perhaps i should train to be a ranger.
i so enjoy the ranger talks at 9pm every night-funny yet informative.

once home it was laundry
and more laundry
plus zucchini!
lots of zucchini.
i made zucchini muffin
darn good even if i say so myself!
i also froze zucchini
anyone need any zucchini i will deliver!
tomatoes are wonderful!
eating lots of BLT's...yumm.
and perfect in this horrid heat wave colorado seems to be stuck in....
i mean really 99 degrees in september !

i have also started a baby quilt for a gal in mr.p's office.
she is having a boy and i'm using sweet water fabric-
a very old line!

oh and i'm still working full time- at least through november.

today being a day of rest i spent the afternoon making soap in my kitchen.
holy moley my kitchen has been a blaze of domesticity of late.

what is happening in your life?
hope your week has been peaceful yet productive


sunny said...

Your vacation sounds perfect! thanks for sharing all your great photos.

Bonnie said...

Wonderful pictures Eileen. I'd love to see your soap making photos. You are a woman of many talents. So glad you had a nice vacation before starting to work full time.

karen said...

beautiful photos! I hope you can carry the peacefulness you felt at yellowstone every day you are at work until November :)

Kyle said...

I haven't been to Yellowstone in a long long time. It would be wonderful to get back sometime soon. I need to relax too.

My Simple Life said...

hi eileen,
your vacation sounds wonderful. the photos they are a dream!!!!
beautiful harvest of tomatoes.
i wish i had zucchini,but this year have the slugs all my zucchini eaten.

kathy b said...

I loved all your pictures of Yellowstone. SOMEDAY

i love all things zucchini


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