Sunday, September 15, 2013


finally posting pictures of the finished dress i made for caitlin.
it fits her perfectly
and i think she really likes wearing the dress, it twirls!
caitlin for about year when she was pre-school age went through a stage of only wearing dresses that cute!
pattern is colette
and the instructions were well written
i will be making another one for erin, soon very soon.

isn't that little pie cute?
i cut it in half to share with mr.p.
a friend of caitlin's made her that adorable little bear holding a pie. caitlin displays it proudly in front of her shop
me oh my pies
and coffee.

the last picture of the food dish is an example of how we have been eating here at little house.
lots of garden fresh vegies from the backyard with a little protein-yummie!
the garden has been incredible this summer and am already planning the next summer garden.

yup it continues to rain today, all day thus far here in northern colorado.
the national guard is here in town watching all our bridges.
made me turn around because the bridge i wanted to cross was closed.
these guys are serious, they wear guns, big guns.....
but they were very polite and directed me to where i could cross over the river.
thanks colorado guard for helping us during this difficult time.
oh and kansas: you know that water you have been saying we owe you,
get ready here it comes.;)

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Bonnie said...

Glad you're safe Eileen. Love the dress. I wish I could eat a pie ant Me Oh MY Pie and Coffee. I bet it's wonderful. Enjoy your summer garden produce.


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