Tuesday, April 9, 2013


these are spring flowers in my garden yesterday.
i love seeing them when i leave the house and on my return home.
i mean really who doesn't love these happy spring colors.
the sign of hope that warm weather is not far behind.
i would prefer for spring to stay a long time even replacing summer.
i think the only part of summer i would miss is the vegetable garden,
tomatoes need heat.
end of today, the yard may very well look like this 
( winter pics )

yes , we are expecting a big snow storm !
maybe as much as a foot of snow.
oh, that is exciting to me.
love a good snow storm and i am not scheduled today at the hospital to boot.
so there will be hot chocolate and knitting
oh and the fire place will be doing it's job.
hope you are enjoying your spring as much as i am mine here in the west.


karen said...

I'm hoping you do not get that snow storm and if you do it melts as quickly as it accumulates!

Bonnie said...

Woke up to snow on the roofs and grass but it has melted. It is frigid however, more like Jan than april. Stay warm by that fire.

Mother4 said...

Would that be a Pi shawl you are knitting ?


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