Friday, May 25, 2012


Happy Friday
i can't express my joy that it is friday!
life seems to be stressful for me lately,
nothing earth shattering, just one of those valleys' being on the planet takes us all
now and then.
i was out on my back porch and noticed this wasp nest on the bum of my little black bear.
i had a good silent laugh thinking well at least my valley is not so deep that i have a wasp nest with an active wasp setting up housekeeping on my bum :-)

sometimes we need to put life in perspective.

ah yes, the wasp nest is no longer irritating this poor piece of garden art.
hope your friday is a WONDERFUL day


Julie said...

that is funny!! Happy Friday!!

Kyle said...

That is the laugh of the day. And I'm still laughing!

Audrey said...


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Ditto, OUCH!

Carolyn :)

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Ditto, OUCH!

Carolyn :)

sunny said...

Poor little bear! I hope he's feeling much better by now.


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