Thursday, May 17, 2018


The garden is coming along, most everything is planted but the squash and cukes. The tomatoes have been in 'wall-o-waters' and they are getting huge! First planting of the beans in, the next planting will be the end of next week! Besides the garden growing, the grand babies are getting huge! Gus is sitting up! It's wonderful, he is so less frustrated with this newly acquired skill and everything, I mean everything is going into his mouth. 
Mothers Day was saved by the end of the day. With a very sick SIL, Me Oh My busting at the seams, Caitlin needing to go into work the afternoon just to keep up with all the customers, (pies flying, literally flying off the shelves), that at 5pm, Caitlin and I decided to save Mothers Day we were going out to eat! Eat we did at a great historic bar/restaurant up North of town. It was delicious!!!
Lots of sewing going on, almost done with machine quilting another 2" piece scrap quilt, and lots of pants/shorts being sewn up for the little ones. Baskets to be sewn are on the list as well, Caitlin has requested them in shop as soon as possible.
It's a busy time this Spring of ours, and it's a beautiful Spring. A good mix of sun and rain. Out West we do not complain about rain, hail we will moan and cry about, but not rain! Soon the rains will be sparse and the heat will settle in around us almost suffocating us all. 


Mereknits said...

It sounds like a wonderful day. Sitting up! That is an incredible skill!

karen said...

oh my goodness, pigtails! and sitting up, that is progress. Little ones grow too quickly for me it seems.


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