Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Three hexie flowers done this week. Actually they were done on Monday evening while watching TV. I am not an evening TV watcher but the History station had some interesting shows on.

I also just LOVE, LOVE this series. The English solve murders without allot of muscle, banging people around and general violence as oppose to American crime solvers.  It feels good to solve an English mystery murder, the crime being solved with dignity extended to the victims, criminals and the detectives.
 Foyle's War: Set 1 (4-Disc Series)

I have been taking some Photo lessons online and here a picture for today.

 This cup belonged to Eric's grandmother....Love it!!

And of course, one of my sweet boy. I have no idea where the energized girl is at the moment. Better go find her I am sure she has found some trouble. 


Saskia said...

nice flower! I like vintage too, so nice little mug. And did "energized girl" found some trouble? LOL
My sweet furry black friend had fun today with a branch. He looked 3 instead of 9.

Stray Stitches said...

Beautiful hexies!! Your pup is adorable - reminds me our our Abby that we had for 18 years.

Sue said...

I do love your flowers along with the fabrics you used.

Your little pooch is cute :D We are dog lovers here at our house:0

Karen said...

Sweet puppy and beautiful flowers!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Darling puppy! Your hexies are beautiful.

Hugs, Carolyn


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