Friday, July 13, 2012


the girls and i got together to finish sewing the skirts and did they turn out 
these guys are doing so well and picking up the basics of sewing fast.
After each girl cut their pattern, i fitted the pattern to them individually.
then they cut out their fabric AFTER i checked the lay out of the pattern first,
did not want to ruin any of their beautiful fabric
measure twice, cut once.
and no mistakes were made.
they are all so patient with me and each other.

helping each other

no funner way to sew

watching, asking questions, lets not cut any fabric wrong

pin, pin, pin 
then i will cut

ready to sew

lets fit this one more time before stitching.

a little nervous cutting into her fabric.

so happy to be sewing


checking once, twice and yet another time.

they did so well!
by evening end all that was left to do was the blind hem,
but it was late and i needed sleep .
caitlin will be over later in the week for those instructions and then the girls will meet at mel's to get that done. 
next time i see them they will be dressed in their beautiful hand made skirts :)

these sewing sessions have been so fun for me. i am amazed how fast we are getting through projects.


Kyle said...

Love what your "girls" have been up to.

Gulley Greenhouse said...

G'lawd Mom. Worse picture of me ever.

Caitrin said...

Oops, was signed into Gulley's account.


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