Monday, July 16, 2012


mr.p. and i headed up the canyon for a weekend in fresh mountain air.
loaded up the trailer and the puppies and off we went,
driving up the canyon, almost to cameron pass.
clouds are so beautiful in the mountains, they seem close enough to touch.

i can spend some serious time with my head in the clouds.
making shapes out of the puffy whiteness .

i often wonder if my family and friends that have passed on , are they running and jumping on those pillows of softness. 
it makes me smile to think so!

sometimes the clouds even play "peek a boo" coming around the mountain peaks.
yes my head is in the clouds when i'm up in the mountains.
so relaxing!

i only took one picture of our friends who also came to relax and fish.
kathleen and i sat out in the mountain pine fresh air and knitted.
it was as close to heaven on earth!

how fortunate i feel to live in this part of the country.
where a two hour drive will put me in all this wonderfulness.

couds, mountains and water.
now mr.p. and j. did not fish in this lake,
oh no, they fish the streams  that fed into the poudre river.
those two left at 9:30 in the morning and only returned to feed us knitting girls in the late afternoon.
yes the fish were biting and they were in their fishing zone!

but now it is back home and time to fluff the nest before i return to work tomorrow!


Bonnie said...

How beautiful. I could definitely sit and knit there.

Kyle said...

Glad you and Kathleen and the guys had a great weekend.

Julie said...

beautiful clouds, and hello Kathleen!


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